Mfine sets up AI tool to help doctors and patients check COVID-19 without stepping out

Bengaluru-based mfine has created an AI-powered tool that enables virtual medical consultation to assess patients who have flu-like symptoms.

In the fight against the coronavirus outbreak, many hospitals and doctors in India are turning to telemedicine, prompting health tech companies like mfine to enhance and launch new tools dedicated to detecting coronavirus symptoms and check those suspected to have COVID-19.

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Bengaluru-based mfine has created an AI-powered tool that enables virtual medical consultation to assess patients who have flu-like symptoms.

The tool helps in asserting if patients require immediate medical attention or if they are going to be okay. Since last week, mfine has assessed more than 3000 users and the numbers are increasing every day, Prasad Kompalli, Co-Founder and CEO, tells YourStory.

During the consultation, the AI tool collects basic information from users by guiding them through a set of questions to ascertain their state of health, the timeline of symptoms, age, medical history, travel details and triages severe cases through symptom mapping.

“It then lets a doctor consult with the patient over audio and video, instantly; this enables doctors to see more patients without being exposed to the virus himself or herself. The doctor gives the prescription digitally and informs about warning signs like breathlessness, chest discomfort and dizziness,” tells Prasad.

The doctor recommends a hospital visit or a visit to the nearest testing centre if a patient is seen having any of the warning signs. If patients have breathlessness, they are recommended to visit a hospital immediately. The system also follows up with the patient two days after the initial consultation to check on how the patient is recovering.

Prasad also tells that the company is developing a free machine learning AI tool which will let users self-diagnose. “The tool will not require a doctor’s intervention to tell the patients if they need to go for a coronavirus lab test or not,” he tells. The extension of the tool will even help users to locate and reach nearby coronavirus testing labs, isolation and treatment facilities, both government and non-government. Users will also be able to view and upload photos of these centres and give reviews about the amenities available and hygiene. The tool should be live on the app in three-four weeks.

“We are working on various tools related to coronavirus, and every week you shall see a new tool on the app,” tells Prasad.

Prasad tells the company will also launch a scanner informing the users about the areas and localities that have coronavirus positive cases.

Additionally, mfine is also adding an AI system for recognizing cough sounds from patients directly on the app. With this, it should make the triaging even more accurate. The AI allows users to record the sound of their cough and the system classifies the nature (dry, wet, lower or upper-respiratory) and the severity of the cough for the doctors to take the right course of action.

Mfine has nearly 1000 doctors on the platform and 200 hospitals. “We are looking forward to adding 100 more hospitals on the app as telemedicine is need of the hour,” says Prasad.

“More people are anxious than sick, and we want to reduce their anxiety as well,” he adds.

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