Coronavirus: CureFit cancels classes, asks users to pause membership

Bengaluru-based startup CureFit increased the number of online sessions on its app so that users can continue workouts sessions at their homes.

In light of the coronavirus outbreak, Mukesh Bansal and Ankit Nagori’s health and fitness startup has cancelled all its classes effective immediately across centres until further notice. To be fair with its users, it has also added 14 days of pause to memberships so that users can pause it for the time being and use the days later.

The Bengaluru-based startup has also increased the number of online sessions on the app so that users can continue workouts sessions at their homes.

Here's what the company said in its tweets:

Novel COVID-19, or coronavirus, which allegedly started spreading from bats, has taken about 5,000 lives, according to recent data published by the World Health Organisation.

Since the WHO declared it a ‘pandemic,’ several governments, corporates, sports leagues, and bodies among others announced a lieu of measures to contain and/or spread the infection. It is particularly life-threatening to the elderly and people with medical ailments such as diabeteshigh blood pressurecancer, etc. 

To mitigate the outbreak of coronavirus, it is highly recommended to practise "social distancing", i.e. stay away from other people. Governments and corporates alike are incorporating several measures to facilitate this.

Schools have been shut down, companies are asking employees to work from home, countries are cancelling tourist visas, etc. It should then come as no surprise that several national and global events have been either cancelled or postponed to a later date.

Since gym and fitness centres too are gathering places, CureFit classes cancellations makes sense as the startup's services are used by over 500,000 active subscribers across its 180 CultFit centres and 35 MindFit centres in India and Dubai.

(Edited by Saheli Sen Gupta)


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