Beware: COVID-19 is knocking on our doors

Last week was a continuation of our battle against the global pandemic of coronavirus. It seems like COVID-19 has taken over.

Last week was a continuation of our battle against the global pandemic of coronavirus. It seems like COVID-19 has taken over all aspects of life and business as we knew it. The Indian Railways suspended all passenger services till March 31, almost everyone has started working from home75 districts are now under lockdown and Section 144 has been imposed at several places, and we even had a voluntary 14-hour 'Janata' curfew.

India Inc and the government are tirelessly working to fight this pandemic. The govt announced that it is working on a financial package for all sectors impacted by the virus. 

And that's not all. It also launched a COVID-19 ‘Solution Challenge’ for individuals and companies to submit tech-based ideas for “strengthening the fight against coronavirus” and win Rs 1 lakh. To battle the sea of misinformation around the disease, the Centre also created a WhatsApp helpdesk to spread awareness and help citizens stay safe.

If you need more information on the coronavirus or have any queries, check out YourStory COVID-19 Resource Centre. We are working to bring together a comprehensive set of information from experts in various fields on how businesses can operate as effectively as possible amidst escalating COVID-19 (coronavirus) fears. 

Startups get ready to deal with coronavirus

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How domestic workers are coping with COVID-19

Image by Aditya Ranade

While most of us have the option of working remotely, and access to hand sanitizers, masks, and soaps, it’s work as usual for blue-collar workers.

India Inc fears coronavirus will pull down GDP

Corporate India believes that the economic consequences of the coronavirus pandemic will be significant and long term. 

SurveySparrow launches self-help portal

(L-R) Shihab Muhammed, CEO & Subin Sebastian, CTO, SurveySparrow

With this offering, SurveySparrow intends to help state, local governments, NGOs, employees, and individuals communicate with organisations effectively.

COVID-19 myths debunked with facts

Here are 19 myths about coronavirus busted by health experts and designated organisations so that you don’t fall prey to fake news.

The first Indian licensee for COVID-19 testing kits

The CoSara team with the Co-Diagnostics team, after the joint venture was concluded.

In a joint venture with US-based Co-Diagnostics, CoSara Diagnostics aims to cater to India as well as export testing kits to surrounding regions.

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