Enamor's refreshing new #AllForSupport campaign celebrates the support system for everyday women

The brand ushered in International Women’s Day with the idea that a little bit of support goes a long way

"A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous" This adage by the iconic Coco Chanel is timeless and the base of strength for women everywhere – from the demure belles to the boss ladies in boardrooms – as they take on the world. Be it women in high-heels and designer handbags, the casual or athletic achiever and even the voluptuous diva – they’re all unique and beautiful in their own way as they break glass ceilings and blaze the unique trails that they take.

Even as women continue to smash stereotypes, doing so is no easy task. What we often don’t take into account is the fact that, at times, it takes support to help them reach the top.

Behind every successful man there may be a woman, but behind every successful woman, there’s a crucial support system.

A strong support system, the kind that keeps pushing you to be your best self, is the most important of all. One may find it in your close-knit group of friends, family, colleagues, or anyone who makes you feel good about yourself and has your back, always. It is unbelievable what just a little bit of support can bring.

Enamor, India's premium lingerie brand, ushered in Women’s Day by celebrating the power of this crucial support system with its #AllForSupport campaign. The campaign celebrates the woman of today and showcases their trials and tribulations – working mothers, entrepreneurs, new brides and more – and how all they need is some support to make it through the day.

These women are driven by their dreams and their career is carved by individuality. The roles she plays, be it at work or at home, have evolved over the years, much like her relationship with her bra. As strong as she is, it is her support system that makes her stronger.

Support makes all the difference in her life and the support that an Enamor bra can give to your confidence is unparalleled too. Part of life is experiencing ups and downs. And Enamor is a friend they can rely on during the tough times. Independent, confident and with a mind of her own is Enamor’s definition of a successful woman and it celebrates this success by providing impeccable fitting, support, unmatched comfort and style. Through the campaign, Enamor is committing itself to be #AllForSupport.

Channeling this value of celebrating women in all their glory, Enamor is the only company in India that offers multi-size fits and wearer trials. Enamor has invested heavily in not only understanding the body shapes and sizes, but also the habits, usage and attitudes of women across different ages, groups, and ethnicities to ensure that every style meets body requirements of every Indian woman.

Every woman has her own unique personality, quirk, style, attitude and more - the same goes for size. Without putting women in stringent brackets and shackles of size and ideal body types, Enamor is focused on creating an experience that lets every woman feel fabulous inside and out, every day.

Keeping with the theme of their brand positioning – Fabulous Everyday – the lingerie brand has been paving the way for women to feel empowered, supported and understood. No wonder that Enamor is special to every woman – a proposition that has worked well and has proven to be successful for the brand. They have a talented team of leaders who are passionate about building Enamor as the most trusted lingerie brand.

In fact, Enamor is leading the way in celebrating women not just with its products, but also within its own company. Since the brand’s inception in 2003, Enamor has done all it can to support women not just through its size-inclusive collections, but also through the working environment they have created for their team, 85 percent of whom are women, and all of whom are working towards meeting the evolving needs of the modern Indian woman.

In its decade long journey, the brand has won numerous Awards and Recognitions for its commitment to celebrating the fabulous in each and every woman. Voted Superbrand for the third year in a row, Enamor has not only won praise from the industry but also the love and loyalty customers too.

Winning the Best Organisation For Women Empowerment at The Great Indian Women Leadership Awards in 2019 was an affirmation and this #AllForSupport campaign a further celebration of all the values Enamor holds close.


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