Future of Work 2020: Serving content needs of Bharat by training AI

At YourStory's Future of Work event, Debdoot Mukherjee of ShareChat said, India has 900 million native language speakers and content for them can be scaled with AI understanding their trends.

India has a large population and the regional language user base has grown 41 percent. For any app to be successful, it should be simple, should work better, and should be easy to follow. An app that has been focussing on keeping the audience engaged is ShareChat

Speaking at the third-edition of YourStory's Future of Work event, Debdoot Mukherjee, Vice President - AI, ShareChat, says,

"The Bharat user is not clear on who are the people to follow, especially with so much content. A new user does not know whom to follow. What we are building is a feed that works around user interest." 

ShareChat's Debdoot Mukherjee

The Bharat user has so much diversity and it is a challenge for any app developer to focus. From devotion to agriculture to motivation quotes to exam tips, Bharat users have been consuming.

"Content is spread across a long tail of genres. To figure out what the user wants is an  exciting problem. We are focussed on many objectives with this diversity. We take the sense of what the user prefers, get top posts, and rank them before we serve that content to customers," says Debdoot.

There are a few classes of data models that Debdoot suggests to build AI on: 

  • Long- term preference of what the user is liking and sharing. This creates a general model about the total users and then serve the individual.  
  • Find out what the user cares about - make sure the user is served relevant content, it should be trending,  unexplored content, and fresh. You should not have repetitive content.
  • Visual, Audio, and Text: The AI needs to be taught data from different mediums and interpreted well.

In all these cases, the machine needs to be trained to understand different mediums. The focus for the developer must be to get better AI every day. 

(Edited by Javed Gaihlot)

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