Locate coronavirus testing labs and treatment centres with MapmyIndia

MapmyIndia is enabling users to view, locate and reach nearby coronavirus testing labs, isolation and treatment facilities, both government and non-government.

MapmyIndia Maps and its Move app are now enabling its users in India to view, locate and reach nearby Coronavirus testing labs, isolation and treatment facilities, both government and non-government. Users will also be able to see and add their own photos and reviews of these centers about the amenities available and hygiene. 

In order to help citizens stay informed, MapmyIndia has created a live dashboard - maps.mapmyindia.com/corona. It will not only provide latest pan-India updates on the spread and mitigation of Coronavirus (confirmed and recovered cases of COVID-19), but will also provide information on authorised COVID-19 facilities across the country. Users can also search 'Corona' on the Move app, to find and navigate to nearby testing, treatment and isolation centres.

Rohan Verma, CEO and Executive Director of MapmyIndia, says: 

“MapmyIndia team is continuously updating new facilities and health centres capable of handling Coronavirus cases, as they come up, across India. With an objective to serve the society and help keep everyone safe, we welcome comments, feedback, suggestions etc from users. These will help us enhance the functionality of these resources, making them more relevant, efficient and effective.”

Two months back, the Coronavirus epidemic did not seem that big a concern for India. However, in the beginning of March, the Union Health Ministry reported two confirmed cases in Delhi and Hyderabad. Soon after, the number of cases kept increasing, and many state governments declared shut downs or partial lockdowns. As of March 20, 2020, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare confirmed a total of 195 cases and five deaths in the country.

MapmyIndia COVID-19 dashboard

However, many scientists and health experts argue that the number of cases in India might be larger than what is reported owing to the limited number of tests being carried out. Early detection and isolation of those infected with the disease is one of the most critical measures to help contain the pandemic. In testing times like these, homegrown Indian startups are developing solutions to help the citizens fight the epidemic.

Founded in 1995, MapmyIndia is headquartered in New Delhi, with offices across the country. It offers premium quality digital map data, APIs, GPS navigation, telematics, location-based SaaS and GIS Solutions. 

(Edited by Kanishk Singh)


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