How PrintStop is using Zoho One to simplify tracking of data to improve their customer offerings


Printing is not among the top five spends for an enterprise, but is among the most inefficient and painful procurement expenditures for a company. Ninety-five percent of the enterprise client market is serviced by unorganised players. Getting anything printed poses several challenges including multistep process with multiple stakeholders, no standardisation and artwork creation, high order volumes, distribution across multiple locations, and so on.

PrintStop solves these challenges by using technology and automation to make the print procurement process extremely easy, allowing customers to be in control and enabling them to make better-informed decisions. The company, founded in 2017 by Milap Shah, Sidhi Shah and Pratik Shah started off as a chain of retail stores and is now an online portal for corporate clients.

“Our mission is to transform the print procurement process of large enterprises and reduce the stress in the lives of those buying print. Our addressable market size is about Rs 15 billion,” says Milap Shah, Co-founder of PrintStop.

PrintStop offers three distinct technology products – PRO Admin, PRO Marketing and PRO BrandStore which solves the needs of the administrative, marketing and HR teams, respectively. What makes them stand out is the easy ordering process, one price (including shipping), customisation to customers internal workflow and processes, doorstep delivery, easy MIS reports and automated invoicing.

Milap says technology is the primary disruptor because of which their customers work with them. Initially, they had very few requirements, but as they scaled, they felt the need to move from manual processes to automation using technology. They started becoming a more customer-centric company, and wanted to automate their systems and use tools with which they could effectively measure customer experience, employee performance and productivity.

After exploring, they started using Zoho Desk and Zoho Cliq. With new enhancements coming up, Zoho’s Business Solution - Zoho One fit just right for their functions.

"For an SME, Zoho One is great value for money, where you get an entire suite of products which can be used in various departments. They also offer partnerships with several startup ecosystems to try Zoho One for free for a substantial period, and now we are hooked to the system,” says Milap Shah, Co-founder and Head – Technology, PrintStop.

Emphasizing on the benefits of the Suite, the founder says that Zoho has made tracking data simple and measurable. They use the ticketing system Zoho Desk the most, which has enabled them to track customer feedback, thus improving their offerings.

For their internal use, features like response time, customer happiness score, and case resolution time has further helped them measure employee performance on a weekly basis. The ability of all Zoho systems to integrate with one another and other third-party tools has also given them a common platform to track and measure data from other tools into one. PrintStop recently integrated with Telephony using Zoho, and work is getting simpler. “With Zoho coming in, our use of Excel for reporting has reduced. We are now automating the smallest of the companies’ processes, and every time we come across a repetitive job, the first question we ask ourselves is, ‘Can Zoho Suite help us automate this?’” says Milap.

Kuppulakshmi Krishnamoorthy, Global Head - Zoho for Startups says, “With customer delight being the default focus of every business these days, the importance of using the right software should be a default setting too. How PrintStop has extensively been using many of the applications in Zoho One, that could take care of both enhancing customer experience and to look at data to improve the experience exponentially. This story will help anyone who is unable to imagine how software will help in enhancing the value of products or services that any business offers, by also helping in building a collaborative culture to ensure employee engagement and satisfaction.”

Currently, PrintStop has a team of more than 110 individuals, 120+ enterprise clients and have processed more than 200K orders using their B2B online solutions. Going forward, they are looking at use cases to further simplify the way customers use their online systems.

“We’re looking at tighter integration with a company’s internal systems for seamless data transfer between their systems and our systems. This will enable easy print ordering, bill processing, payments,” says Milap. They now plan to start using Zoho CRM, HR, Finance, Training under Zoho One suite in the coming quarter. They also want to add new products and ship beyond India, especially South East Asia and the Middle East.


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