This Women’s Day, change with the times with Timex’s new Waterbury Neon collection

The Timex Waterbury Neon collection celebrates all women and their individual personalities with watches that illuminate in the dark revealing different funky neon-colored INDIGLO® backlights, and a secret icon

Everybody who has grown up watching Bollywood must be only too familiar with stories of young, small-town girls moving to big cities to chase their dreams. More often than not, their transition is difficult, especially when they find themselves surrounded by different people. This makes it imperative for every girl to find her own tribe.

Meet Misha, Naina and Riya, BFFs from school, who had the same experience when they decided to take on the high rises and busy roads of their dream city and chart their own paths.

Despite having different personalities, careers and preferences, the one thing that always brought them together was their ‘time’ together as wide-eyed high school girls.

The trio reminisced about their childhood every time they met, and this Women’s Day, they decided to capture that special time in a way that captured their personalities too.

The girls decided to treat themselves to watches from Timex’s latest Waterbury Neon collection that matched their personalities, were stylish and would ensure they were punctual. .

This collection by Timex is fun with a modern twist. During the day, the watches ooze class as Timex’s well-crafted Waterbury stainless steel bracelet, steeped in generations of watchmaking tradition. But when the lights go down, the watches become more than just stylish - they’re super fun too.

All one has to do is press the crown to illuminate the neon-colored INDIGLO® backlight on the watch,which reveals a secret icon on the dial.

The INDIGLO backlight is a sure-shot head turner in a crowd. The technology is activated, featuring both never-before-seen electric tones and familiar icon motifs. The invention is a sequence of thoughtful and innovative features designed to cater to the needs of consumers.

A bolt of lightning for Misha

For the daring and bold Misha, the gold-tone stainless steel bracelet watch featuring a secret lightning bolt icon. When she presses the crown to illuminate the yellow neon-colored INDIGLO® backlight, she reveals her sassier side.

“I don’t kiss and tell”for Naina

For Naina, who takes time to open up, the rose gold-tone stainless steel bracelet watch is ideal. It looks cute at first glance, but when the lights go down, the dial lights up with a pink neon-coloured INDIGLO backlight and reveals Naina’s lesser- known sassy side with a lip icon on the dial.

Riya, the hopeless romantic

The silver-tone stainless steel bracelet watch from the collection is perfect for the hopeless romantic in Riya. It is illuminated with a blue neon-coloured INDIGLO backlight, revealing a cute heart matching Riya’s personality perfectly.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your ‘trio’ together and buy yourselves these watches from the Waterbury Neon collection at your nearest Shopper’s Stop and Lifestyle stores. You can also buy them online at


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