This Company provides organic, naturally brewed beverages

Consumers are questioning ‘empty calories’ in ‘sugar-laden’ beverages and are looking for healthier alternatives in India. Brewhouse was inspired to meet the glaring need for healthier beverages in the country.

In his earlier days, Siddharth Jain was part of the banking world in Singapore where he was introduced to a strong culture of drinking iced tea. .

"Ice teas are very popular in Singapore, and that’s where I picked up the habit. I would have a bottle of ice tea on my desk that I would consume throughout the day, like many of my colleagues," he said.

In 2015, Siddharth saw a vast opportunity to develop a new beverage category in India by bringing tea in a whole new form (cold, bottled and ready-to-drink) to the people. His mission was simple: To become the leading alternative beverages company of India’s massive beverage market by providing real-brewed, organic, less sweet, and tasty offerings that had no preservatives.

Inspired by the glaring need for healthier beverages in the country, Siddharth decided to infuse his long held entrepreneurial dreams with his passion for spreading the goodness of real-brewed iced tea.

After two years of brewing several batches of iced tea in makeshift production facilities, the BrewHouse Tea Brewing Co was launched with three flavours: Lemon, Peach, and Honey Mint.

Addressing the elephant in the room

The beverage industry is undergoing a major transformation across the world. Consumers are questioning ‘empty calories’ in ‘sugar-laden’ beverages and are looking for healthier alternatives. Governments are ‘taxing’ sugar, ‘restricting’ energy drinks and passing tougher laws to address consumer concerns around beverages.

These trends are slowly playing out in India as well.Carbonated drinks, which consists of more than half of India’s beverages market, has seen close to nil volume growth at least in the urban clusters, which could point out that consumers are ready for a change.

Providing value by solving the problem with beverages

According to an EY report, “Indian consumers exhibited a strong appetite for premium products as they aspire for greater value, healthier products or natural ingredients. 80 percent of the consumers are willing to pay up to 25 percent higher prices if they receive the desired value.”

Since it first opened its production facility outside of Delhi, the team at Brewhouse has been offering this value by brewing great tasting beverages that are organic, refreshing, affordable and healthy.

"I strongly believe the process of how the beverage is made (real-brewed versus powdered) is becoming as important as the ingredients (what the beverage actually contains). Consumers are looking to not just minimise harmful ingredients (preservatives, colours, excess sugar etc.) but also include healthy ingredients (probiotics, natural active ingredients)," said Siddharth.

To meet the needs of this health-conscious consumer, Brewhouse sources its tea from organic tea gardens and carries out small batch brewing to ensure the quality of the brew is tightly controlled by its brewmasters. All its products are pasteurised, hot filled and immediately cooled down after bottling, which allows a vacuum to form inside the bottle, keeping the flavour and quality intact.

"We only use truly organic, whole-leaf tea that is sourced directly from small farmers. Due to the small size of their plantations, they're able to ensure the quality and the organic nature of their produce. Our products are completely natural, with no preservatives, colours or any artificial ingredients,” said Siddharth.

This commitment towards offering healthier alternatives has been endorsed by USDA Organic, India Organic and Halal certifications.

Since it began operations in 2017, prominent institutions and venues like Inox, the Taj Hotels, and corporations like Google have believed in the value that Brewhouse offers by stocking its offerings.

As part of Brewhouse’s efforts to bring the best quality products at an affordable price point to consumers, it introduced PET bottles in 2020. Apart from a strong presence across retail stores in India, the consumer’s faith in Brewhouse’s offerings has also been validated on Bigbasket, where it hit repeat rates (a key metric for consumer adoption for households) of more than 30 percent.

Bringing organic to carbonated beverages

Brewhouse does not shy away from experimentation to provide health-conscious consumers with new flavour experiences. Its ice teas now come in five different flavours: Classic Lemon, Classic Peach, Forest Berry, Mojito Lime and Blueberry.

"We’ve developed a whole range of new products and have a launch pipeline of 12 months ready. We’re going to start with lemonades that also have real-brewed herbs and tisanes added to impart more flavours. These will be followed by some zero-calorie ice teas, which are again, all natural and organic," said Siddharth.

Pushing boundaries is part of Brewhouse’s DNA, and to that end, the company is poised to enter the fruit and carbonated beverages segment with unique offerings that stay true to the consumer’s needs.

"Brewhouse is also very excited to be bringing out an all-natural, organic, carbonated drinks brand which builds on our expertise of making naturally brewed beverages" added Siddharth.

With its new offshoot – Lazy Bones Brewing Co – the company will aim to release the first organic, craft-brewed carbonated drink with low-sugar content and natural caffeine from the tea and coffee.

With its ever-evolving portfolio certified organic, real brewed, less sweet and great tasting offerings with no preservatives, Brewhouse hopes to make naturally brewed beverages as an ideal alternative, and become the most trusted beverage brand in the country.


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