This content creator took Instagram by storm with his ‘Little Letters Linked’ and a turnover of Rs. 1 crore

Understanding your audience, being relatable and not buying followers is key to building this business, says founder Shagun
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Shagun is not your regular millennial. Not only is he a poet, a writer, a content creator, but also a shrewd businessman with a knack for counting money. The media conglomerate that he seeks to build through his individual efforts contain ongoing social media profiles, an upcoming app as well as an e-commerce platform, web hosting, marketing, manufacturing, etc. Together, all his present social media ventures have already recorded a turnover of Rs. 1 crore during the previous financial year.


However, what is even more amazing is the fact that Shagun began exploring a career for himself when he was just 22 years old. At that age, he launched the page @thatdopeindiandude, first on Facebook, and later on Instagram. It was his girlfriend’s literary bent of mind that inspired him to go this way and use creative content on social media. Eventually, it was with @littleletterslinked on Instagram, that he struck gold.

These pages operate more or less on the basis of content like memes, that are topical and amusing. But that doesn’t mean the beauty is only skin-deep.

Shagun is an accomplished poet, writer and a content creator, though he doesn’t label himself with any of these epithets.

“I would never label myself as a writer/poet since I really only write for my girlfriend, though I tend to share some of those pieces over social media. I am extremely passionate about visual storytelling and music; these are two art forms that I would love to explore in future,” says Shagun.

Today, Shagun has teams in place who handle each department of content creation independently, supervised by him. One team handles the content and graphics, while the other team handles growth and business. Shagun works with the following pages on social media –

1. Little Letters Linked

2. That Dope Indian Dude

3. Dankasmic

4. Confused Humour

5. Filmy Dance

6. Little Adventures Linked

7. Fairly Little Comics

8. Confusedstories

One might think managing all this must be exhausting for him, but it’s not. According to Shagun, he has gotten used to managing multiple businesses now, though things do get a bit taxing at times. For that he unwinds with the help of his favorite movies and TV series or by playing games or music whenever he gets some time off. He hasn’t had a vacation two years in a row. And what’s more - He recently completed an executive programme from IIM, Rohtak as well!

Like a true leader, Shagun credits his entire team with pushing unique and relatable content on social media and keeping his brands relevant. Recently, Shagun has also had some noteworthy collaborations with other brands like ALTBalaji, Oyo Rooms, Amazon and UberEats. His piece of advice for budding content creators on Instagram is -

“Understand your audience, be relatable and don’t buy followers.”


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