Sadhguru says India could be top choice for manufacturing hubs US and Japan post coronavirus crisis

The spiritual leader touched upon the topic of coronavirus-induced economic crisis and discussed how businesses can grow once the pandemic is contained.

In a recently held hour-long webinar on the impact of coronavirus on industries and businesses, Sadhguru Vasudev interacted with the members of the Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), addressing a barrage of questions, from the state of the economy to the best way an individual can cope in these uncertain times.

The Founder of Isha Foundation touched upon the topic of coronavirus-induced economic crisis and discussed how businesses can grow and replenish once the pandemic is contained. While he acknowledged that the world at large and people at a personal level have been adversely affected by the unprecedented spread of coronavirus, the spiritual leader emphasised the importance of businesses leveraging the opportunities, “once the nation is back in business”.

Elaborating on this point, Sadhguru shed light on what could be the future of India if the pandemic is contained in time and the various political and business stalwarts continue to play their part in this process. In the light of the crisis, he further suggested that US and Japan – deemed as the two major manufacturing hubs of the world – who had so far made deep investments in China, will be looking towards alternate hotspots.

According to Sadhguru, India is on top of their list. “This could be a turning point in the development of India,” he reiterated, emphasising that it’s only possible if the political and business leadership continue to display the resoluteness and agility that they have demonstrated in handling the pandemic.

Explaining that it couldn’t have been possible to anticipate the scale and impact of the virus on humanity, Sadhguru added that the most important thing right now is to be a part of the solution. He suggested that “disruption is always an opportunity,” and it all depends on what one makes of these new possibilities.

The webinar, hosted by Dr Sangita Reddy, President of FICCI, was attended by several other industry and business heads as well, including former presidents YK Modi, Sudhir Jalan, Sandip Somani, FICCI CSR Head Rajashree Birla, and other office bearers of FICCI.

This comes after Sadhguru presided over a webinar that saw participation of healthcare professionals and during which the spiritual leader shared several homemade solutions, including an immunity booster drink.

Edited by Javed Gaihlot


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