What the coronavirus pandemic tells about the story of humanity

The prevailing situation with the coronavirus outbreak impels us to follow the basics of life like embracing humanity and showcasing positivity.
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Fear of the unknown is a testimony to human civilization. Sometimes the unknown entity is so deceptive that it can attack without any sign of its presence. We have seen many such scenarios in various works of fiction but the common man had never imagined that something similar can take place during their time on this planet. Tales of future or instances of the past may arrive anytime in the present and leave everyone in dismay.

Amid this coronavirus pandemic, ‘experience’ plays both a positive and a negative role. Talking about the positive aspect, we are in a situation where we will be the ones responsible to determine the future of our existence. Our every action will be crucial and will ascertain our chances of survival. Here each individual is responsible for the entire race and this will be remembered as a collective experience for humanity and will serve as a ray of hope for future catastrophes. The experience gained from the current situation will also make the inhabitants lead their life in a much careful way, keeping the future in mind.

Coming to the negative, there is no such prior experience possessed by this generation to deal with a pandemic which is quick and contagious. We do not have any prescribed cure or technology to stop the transmission yet. Many global powers are trying hard in this direction but time is flying and more people are getting affected. Lack of experience is taking people’s lives.

Post World War II, the concept of superpowers emerged and the countries were put into various categories based on their economic standards, influential capability, human development, defence powers etc. Many countries have also emerged as new powers in the past decades. But the virus has made certain things very clear and the entire human race needs to realise them at the earliest. Despite power and development, the countries have not been able to curb the pandemic and its spread. Lives have been lost and the people have been rendered helpless in the most developed countries of the world.

The 21st-century is the most advanced phase of humanity in terms of tech. But today we are witnessing that only having technology advancement cannot stop a catastrophe. There are various other things which include some basic principles and simple human behaviour which can prevent devastation.

Today, the most common societal divide that exists between the rich and the poor (famous and non-famous, aristocrat and non-aristocrat, successful and unsuccessful etc) is being mocked by the tiny virus. We have seen various celebrated world figures, political leaders, members of affluent families, and successful personalities being affected by this pandemic. No wealth, lobby or social status has been able to keep this pathogen at bay.

The world has witnessed few pandemics in the past which have taken more lives than the world wars. From 1347 to 1351, the ‘black death’ (Bubonic Plague) killed 200 million people, wiping out 30 to 50 percent of Europe’s population. It took more than 200 years for the population to recover. In 1520, smallpox killed about ninety percent of Native Americans. This tells us about the wrath of the laws of nature and the uncertainty of our existence. The story of humanity revolves around the laws of nature and there is nothing supreme than nature which has been existing for billions of years.

Several interesting instances in the present have taken us back to the basics of life. The virus has taught us many practical things which we had read in books, scriptures etc, and ignored. It has made us work together without any differences and for a common cause. This is the first time we have felt that we as the human race are fighting for our existence against a microscopic organism. We are more aware of our presence on this planet and are being more careful about our survival in the future.

The concept of individual responsibility is thriving and it is a key parameter to move towards success in this mission against the virus. Few basic things like hygiene and personal healthcare being practised by people across the world.

The isolation technique has made us think and look inwards. A sense of gratitude towards life, family members and loved ones is experienced and the bonding with life has grown stronger.

Daily habits, which were lost long ago in the fast-moving pace of work-life and in chasing ambitions, are returning. People have started to cook their own food, clean their house, read their diaries written long ago, share those long-pending stories with their children, call some of their old friends who are stuck in a foreign land, spend quality time with their loved ones, play the guitar which was lying in the corner for months, and do many more things which are dear.

Our world has moved in a direction where insensitivity and irresponsible behaviour had become normal. Socially, we have converted into creatures who are running after what we want and not what we need. This imbalance will lead us to great turmoil, and the present scenario shows us that. The human ego has played a role in this downfall and nature has shown her power time and again.

Let us not portray callousness anymore and stick to the basics which make life easier for everyone. In this critical juncture, let us show positivity, love, and gratitude to the people, who are taking so much pain and risk to get us out from this pandemic.

Let us all be more sensitive, disciplined and responsible which will be a huge support to the Bravehearts working round the clock to bring the world back to what it was before. Our basic human qualities like the purity of mind and rightful actions can work wonders in this war for our survival.

(Edited by Kanishk Singh)

(Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of YourStory.)


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