These three entrepreneurs are ensuring you don’t touch your face amid the Covid-19 pandemic

At a time when temperature checks and robust hygiene mechanisms have become the new normal, three professionals hailing from different parts of the country have come up with a unique solution - the ‘Untouch Band’.
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The Untouch Band is a hand wearable device, which measures the body temperature of an individual continuously and also makes him aware of any involuntary hand movements, so as to help him avoid touching his eyes, nose or mouth. This band follows the WHO guidelines regarding COVID-19, asking to ‘avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth.’

The team behind this unique and timely product comprises Iftikar Khan, Ravikumar and Shrishail Pattar. While Iftikar is based in New Delhi, Ravikumar and Shrishail Pattar are from Bengaluru. Iftikar has more than 12 years of experience in software engineering while Ravikumar and Shrishail have six years of work experience each in product development and embedded solutions. “As doctors and Governments are doing their bit to stop COVID-19 spread, we as engineers ought to solve some problems around it”, says co-founder Ravikumar. The team has a combined work experience of more than 10 years in the field of experiential marketing. Recently, they also won the ‘Elevate Call-2’ initiative of the Karnataka Government that promotes startups in the state along with a few more entrepreneurship awards.

The Mission

Things like impressive titles, swanky offices, and hierarchy don't matter to the team. What they do care about is bringing a radical transformation in the quality of life of others.

“We saw the fear in people due to the outbreak and with deep concern to ease their fears, we have built Untouch band” says co-founder Shrishail Pattar.

The team has pin-pointed its focus on fighting against the invisible enemies through their innovative hand-wearable gesture device. The band also helps reduce habits such as nail-biting or skin picking or even frequent hair pulling. These passive habits, which are also related to hand gestures, can also be solved using the same concept, the founders say.

The Product

The hand wearable device, which is actually a multi-dimensional gyro sensor, helps you become conscious of your involuntary hand-movements. The band vibrates before the hand gestures and prompts the wearer to ‘untouch;. The band also measures body temperature regularly, which can be seen through a dashboard of the user-friendly app linked to the band. The wearer can sense the rise in body temperature and be alerted immediately through this. Co-founder Iftikar Khan says, "The outbreak of COVID-19 has taught us that health is our most important asset. We devised Untouch Band as a complete health band that will help everyone get rid of the habit of touching our faces. Once we are successful, we can get back to normal life faster".

The team is on the verge of aiding the front-line medical staff and the primary patients (both in isolation and who are self-quarantined) by pushing the product mainly to medical centers to track the temperature and reduce their unconscious gestures.

The team is committed to launching the product in May 2020. They have started taking the pre-orders on their official website and for the interested individuals and businesses, the Untouch Band team can be contacted on their website, Facebook or Instagram page.

Apart from that, you can contact them through emails - | | or phone numbers - +91 87507 34483 | + 91 97397 41411 | +91 97390 76766.


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