How Gamezop Scaled to 25 Million Unique Monthly Users Using AWS

Watch to know how the company used the power of AWS to run a network of over 250 high quality games across 800 apps.

Founded in 2015, Gamezop is an HTML5 game publishing company that lets app developers and websites use their games to increase engagement and monetisation on these platforms. HTML5 games don’t need to be installed as apps and can work across Android, iOS, Windows, etc.

The company leverages the distribution network of various messengers, browsers, entertainment apps, telecom operators, and gaming websites to publish its games. It currently runs a network of over 250 high quality games across 800 apps with the help of services offered by AWS.

“The biggest takeaway that we have had with AWS is that they are there to reduce your server bill and make your workload more efficient,” said Yashash Agarwal, Co-founder, Gamezop.

“One of the things we started using recently by AWS was called AWS Lambda, which is a serverless system where you write the code, and they take care of infrastructure scaling, provisioning and so on. The more we moved to that in terms of the services that we had, the more we got time to focus on code, and less on infrastructure provisioning, and that is the way we developed code internally,” added Yashash.

Watch how Gamezop used AWS to scale its unique offerings to 25 million unique monthly users.


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