Indusface built a scalable security platform used by 1000+ global customers by onboarding AWS on Day 1. Here’s how


“The problem we are trying to solve for our customers is to secure their internet-facing applications from hackers,” says Ashish Tandon, Founder and CEO, Indusface, an award-winning application security leader protecting 1700+ global customers with their unique Total Application Security platform.

The startup built its product stack on AWS to secure their customers’ applications which are on the internet.

“The Internet has a huge number of users and we needed to make sure that we have a solution that is scalable with the kind of users and the kind of attacks they are exposed to. We also wanted to leverage AWS’ rich application stack to make sure our architecture is scalable and available.”

Working with AWS from Day 1, the entrepreneur realised that AWS is not just a platform provider for Indusface but a real partner. “Be it solving some of our production problems, helping us reach out to various markets or introducing and promoting Indusface to AWS’ customers, they have done it all.”

Ashish explains that while choosing AWS was an obvious choice because they are the best cloud in the market, the relationship has flourished over the years.

“The fact that we are doubling our billing to AWS every six months just goes on to show how fast we are growing. Currently, AWS is the only platform we use. I have no reason to look at others,” he says.

Watch the video to see how AWS has helped Indusface scale and grow.


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