LIVE: Health Ministry updates on COVID-19

Ministry of Health and Family Welfare on the actions taken, preparedness and updates on COVID-19

Coronavirus cases in India surge to 23,502 in India while the total death toll crosses 700, to be at 718. While the total number of cases across the world surged to 2,737,866 and the total number of deaths due to coronavirus stands at 191,423, with 752,169 having recovered from it, according to Worldometer.

The maximum damage due to coronavirus has been incurred in Europe with over two-third of positive cases having been recorded in the continent. In India, Maharashtra still continues to be the worst hit with over 6,000 cases, now standing at 6,427 cases, as per data till Thursday. The state saw the highest spike in terms of cases recorded in a single day. It saw a spike of 778 cases being registered in a single day with the death toll at 283.

Other than Maharashtra, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Delhi, and Madhya Pradesh are the other states which are badly hit due by the coronavirus crisis.


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