[Funding alert] Dabur India chairman Amit Burman invests in mental health startup

NWNT is a Delhi-based startup set up by psychiatrist Sandeep Vohra, which focuses on 'Emotional Wellness Index' with the help of AI, machine learning and data analytics.

Amit Burman, Chairman of Dabur India, has invested an undisclosed amount of money in a Delhi-based mental health startup No Worry No Tension Healthcare (NWNT). Dabur India spokesperson clarified that the investment has been done in Amit's personal capacity. "Amit Burman has bought the stake in his personal capacity, and this deal is part of the pre-series A funding," the statement added.

Amit Burman said in the statement,

“I see a great potential in the congruence of technology and mental wellness. NWNT is the future of mental wellness and its social innovation can potentially cause a disruption in an industry that's craving for uplift.”

[LtoR] Sandeep Vohra, and Amit Burman

NWNT is a Delhi-based startup set up by psychiatrist Sandeep Vohra, who has more than 25 years of experience in the field of emotional health and mental health wellness, and focusses on 'Emotional Wellness Index' with the help of AI, machine learning and data analytics.

In his message on NWNT website, Dr Vohra says he has always found emotional wellness to be at the bottom of priority for everyone whether it is an individual, an organisation (private or govt ), a corporate, school, hospital, college, university, etc, "which I really find absurd as we all know that happiness is all about healthy emotional state of mind and so I do not understand how we can pursue our goal of happiness in life without focussing on our emotional health".

"Since we all neglect our emotional health by taking our body and mind for granted, it is only when either our brain has fully exhausted due to our daily struggle of life or we actually have a full-fledged clinical disorder like depression, OCD , mood disorder, etc that we seek professional help," he writes.


He adds that in his clinical practice, seeing so many people ranging from celebrities, industrialists, politicians, bureaucrats to a common man struggling with their emotional and mental health problems and then helping them recover completely motivated him to start thinking of some long-term global solution both for classes and masses in an entrepreneurial way.

He says that he wanted to create some solution for the masses which was logically possible only through use of technology and the solution had to have a complete spectrum of solutions both at preventive and curative level but in culturally neutral and globally scalable way. "And that is where this thought on my mind for last so many years ultimately led to creation of our IT-based startup named No Worry No Tension Healthcare (NWNT) in 2011," he adds.

On its website, NWNT writes that it offers a software-based counselling and consultation assessment tool to measure the emotional wellness of a person. This tool is available at the click of a mouse and can be accessed from the comfort of one’s home or office.

Previously, the Dabur India Chairman has invested in ventures like Lite Bite Foods which runs restaurants like Punjab Grill, Street Foods and Zambar, liquor brand Nature’s Bounty Wines and Allied Products, Poker Sports League and Ultimate Kho Kho League.

Edited by Javed Gaihlot


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