Gautam Gambhir backs community health monitoring platform FYI Health

Available on an annual subscription model, FYI Healthcare will enable enterprises monitor the health of its employees and prevent community spread of diseases.
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Gautam Gambhir-backed community health monitoring solution for enterprises, FYI Health announced its launch on Tuesday, May 19. The community product allows companies, of all sizes, create a safe environment for their workforce by enabling daily health check-in for employees, employers and guests visiting the office, and contract tracing, if and when required. 

During an exclusive interaction with YourStory Media, former cricketer and member of Lok Sabha, Gautam Gambhir said: 

“This will not just help people but the business community at large... and it (backing the product) is an extension of me joining politics and serving the people of this country. I am joining as a partner to help the product reach as many people as we can, and ensure their safety. I like what Yash (Founder and CEO of FYI Health) brings to the table and I have always been clear on who I should associate with. One reason why I got associated with this app is because of its credibility and I never want to negotiate on that point.”

Image Source: The Hindu

FYI Health is a product of parent company Stark Resilient. The healthtech product, designed for enterprises, harnesses the strength of community participation in any corporate location to deliver on real-time health data for administrators. FYI Health provides employers with a health dashboard to record and view the overall health index of its employees, thus, allowing employers to take timely and preemptive action pertaining to flagged cases and those vulnerable to transmission. 

Yash Raj Gupta, Founder and CEO of FYI Health, said:

“With FYI Health, companies can build a health index for their organisation that puts them in the driver’s seat by being aware of any potential health safety concerns in real time and can take action with both isolating the user and mapping out their contact history, when the need arises. FYI Health can help employers address employee concerns about their health and the assurance they need on their return to the workplace.” 

Once deployed by a company, employees become a part of the FYI Health safety net and their health status is captured on the system, in real time. FYI Health uses bluetooth-based contact tracing technology in the backend, to identify the potential transmissions. 

User and data privacy is a predominant focus of FYI Health and it achieves that by ensuring that all user data is stored locally on the user’s mobile phone and is automatically deleted every 21 days. Only when an employee enters that he/she is feeling sick, the data is shared on the server where the information is made available to the administrator, informing the potentially exposed, so that they can be tested. 

Gautam further added:

"FYI Health is a pioneering effort and is a much required innovation in the fight against COVID-19 and the potential rebound if any... It gives employers the control to further their goal of keeping their workforce safe and to employees the privacy and control they desire over their own data."

Currently, the app is only available for Android users. However, it will soon be made available for iOS users as well. FYI Health is available on a subscription-based model. According to Yash, for organisations with 50 employees, the app is available for an annual subscription fee of Rs 64,000. For a 100-employee organisation, it is available at Rs 95,000, annually. For organisations with more than 100 employees, FYI Health is available on annual subscription of Rs 1,28,000

Its target audience include hotels, factories, corporate offices, and schools, among other enterprises. The product is already being used by the Radisson Hotel in Dwarka, Delhi, Ramjas School and Lilawati Senior Secondary School.

Prior to the launch, FYI Health conducted a survey with employees of India Inc. The survey concluded that over 99 percent of the employees said that they would like to have a system of Corporate Health Responsibility (CHR) made mandatory for employers. With its newly-launched product, FYI Health plans to build innovative solutions to allow companies to have CHR in place. 

Edited by Javed Gaihlot