[Jobs roundup] Join the Facebook-backed edtech startup Unacademy with these openings

Unacademy claims to have about 15 million students currently on the platform. If you wish to join this community of educators and learners, then here are some job openings that might interest you.

Unacademy was started in 2015 by Gaurav Munjal, Roman Saini, and Hemesh Singh as a platform for educators and learners creating educational videos and offering Live interactive classes with access to more than 30 exam categories. It helps educators create courses and lessons on various subjects on the Educator App, which learners can access via the Learning App.

With more users coming online for education during the coronavirus lockdown, the edtech startup this year recorded a massive growth for the month of April, in terms of revenue, video views, watch time, etc.

According to Gaurav, who is also the CEO, Unacademy registered 82 percent rise in revenue for April, and it was 10X higher as compared to the same period last year. It recorded 165 million video views on YouTube in April – highest for the startup since it began operations in 2015.

Unacademy Co-founders (L to R), Roman Saini, Hemesh Singh and Gaurav Munjal

In April, the edtech startup conducted 120,000 live classes and 264,000 tests on its platforms — a 247 percent growth as compared to March.

Unacademy, which has raised close to $200 million over the last five years, has some of the leading names like Facebook, Sequoia, Nexus Venture Partners, and General Atlantic, among other investors backing it.

If you are someone who is looking forward to joining this edtech platform, then here are a few job openings for you.

Social Media Manager

Experience needed: 1-6 years

The edtech platform is looking for someone who can run and optimise YouTube channels for specific categories. The candidate is required to design and implement various strategies on videos of different categories to increase audience and subscriber numbers. They need to create titles, descriptions, tags, thumbnails, etc, that are search engine optimised. They also need to regularly report and analyse YouTube channel performance.

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Senior Backend Developer

Experience needed: 3+ years

The responsibilities of a senior backend developer at Unacademy include modelling problems, then design, write, test, and release code to solve them. They are required to collaborate with their peers via code reviews to level up themselves and others. This is to improve their ability to provide effective feedback and to achieve higher quality code. The candidate should ideally have a strong algorithmic, data structures, computational complexity, computer security, and cryptography skills.

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Associate Director - Sales Training

Experience needed: 10-15 years

The candidate is responsible for delivering or facilitating training using the provided curriculum to newly hired sales staff at all levels. They need to create and maintain a conducive learning environment for all participants. The candidate is required to work on Training Need Identification (TNI), plan refreshers and track efficacy as well as provide documented and face-to-face feedback. As a sales training associate director, they need to also participate in company-wide projects, which could include working on curriculum updates/revisions or travelling to assist with new centre launches.

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Frontend Developer (Web Animation)

Experience needed: 3+ years

Unacademy is looking for someone who understands the importance of writing high-quality, well-tested, clean code, and is comfortable in using CSS and Javascript to develop web animations. The candidate is required to create products and features that makes it easier for the users. They need to design versatile systems to accommodate or manipulate complex real world data. Their responsibilities also include help building scalable programmes that standardise information flow and increase operational capacity.

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VP Engineering

Experience needed: 12+ years

As an engineering executive at Unacademy, the candidate is required to lead and provide mentorship and guidance to the team. They will need to give engineers the context and confidence to make correct technical decisions, help develop the team culture, and ensure that the trains run on time. Their responsibilities include collaborating closely with other functions and teams, to continue innovating in user experience and building best-in-class software systems powering them. They also need to provide senior technical leadership at the highest levels in a strong engineering culture.

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Edited by Kanishk Singh