From infant massage courses to kids’ grooming services, childcare services company BabySutra is fulfilling an unmet demand


Hafeez Kudroli’s business conglomerate Kudroli World is expanding dramatically. The latest addition to the company is ‘Baby Sutra’, a childcare services subsidiary. The company is built on the philosophy of promoting the emotional and physical well-being of mothers- to- be, mothers and babies. With offering the best services right from the time of pregnancy to post-pregnancy and for babies, ‘Baby Sutra’ is a name to reckon with.

Kudroli World group of companies is spread across many other sectors including road constructions, infrastructure development, fashion, media, education, food and beverages, among others.

Brainchild behind Baby Sutra

Hafeez Kudroli and his wife Hajera Lahir Kudroli dawned upon the idea of founding Baby Sutra after the birth of their first child. During her pregnancy, Hajera discovered that there were many opportunities and demand in the community for expectant mothers and childbirth educators and a lack of salons and spas solely dedicated to children in the Indian cities. Armed with realisation, she began work towards creating her own brand whose goal was to care for expectant mothers, new mothers and kids.

Services offered by Baby Sutra

Baby Sutra’ offers several services including hydrotherapy for babies, infant massage, spa parties, antenatal classes and pregnancy fitness classes. Besides this, it also has its exclusive ‘Baby Sutra Infant Massage Course’ and offers other grooming services for children like haircut, hair styling, pedicure and manicure. The main aim of the brand is to impart crucial knowledge and deliver hygienic services to both mother and the child.

The A-Team behind the brand

Team efforts are the main key to building a brand. With Rini George as the business head at ‘ Baby Sutra’, the company has a diverse group of passionate professionals with several years of experience in global operations, planning, strategy, social sector services, education and healthcare. Moreover, the panel of mentors who are highly-experienced professionals are well-trained in healthcare, beauty and childcare. Currently, headquartered in Bengaluru, the founders are working towards a pan India presence.

The current scenario

Ever since the novel coronavirus pandemic hit the nation, the work at ‘Baby Sutra’ like many other companies has been severely affected. As per the government regulations, the professionals can no longer offer in-house services such as grooming, hydrotherapy and infant massage. However, Hajera and Hafeez are hoping that as soon as there are relaxations in lockdown, the childcare services will begin again. At this point, the company is offering prenatal classes online.


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