Want to pay salaries and make other payments conveniently? NIBUNAR PAY is the perfect solution

You need not hold back from paying salaries and other payments in a financial crunch. With NIBUNAR PAY mobile app, conveniently pay salaries, bills and make payments from anywhere in the world to individuals rendering services from India by using credit card, EMI or other digital payment options.

Facing a financial crunch at the time of payment of salaries or bills is a story that has rung true with people from all walks of life, be it salaried individuals unable to pay their maids due to salary delays, small business owners facing temporary cash flow shortages and unable to pay their employees, or vendors and contractors unable to pay their freelancers.

The timely clearing of salaries and bills leaves both parties with a clear mind as the sender does not have to worry about the payment weighing constantly at the back of his mind, and the receiver does not have to worry about constantly following up, adjusting his finances or dipping into his savings.

Most importantly, clearing salaries and bills for services rendered in a timely manner builds accountability, trust and mutual respect. This is a solid bedrock for the growth of further opportunities for both parties to provide their services.

How NIBUNAR PAY app is the solution for salary or bill payments in a financial crunch

And yet, due to unforeseen circumstances, temporary financial crunches are often inevitable, but delaying the payment of salaries or bills need not be the only option to cope with it.

In such circumstances, NIBUNAR PAY, a secured mobile application, offers the convenience of paying salaries and other service payments to employees, maids, vendors, freelancers, and any service provider in India through the credit cards, EMI and various digital payments including wallets, debit card, net banking, UPI etc.

Payments made through the NIBUNAR PAY app go directly to the bank account of the recipient. The app requires no documentation to use, nor does the receiver need to register on the app to receive payments. NIBUNAR PAY is ready for making payments after the verification of the user’s mobile number through OTP.

Payees looking to receive prompt payment for their services don’t need a POS machine or website as they can offer the payer the convenience of various digital payment options on the NIBUNAR PAY app to make payments.

The NIBUNAR PAY app is also a perfect fit for NRIs and foreigners as it can be used from anywhere in the world to make payments using international debit or credit cards in a hassle-free way to those providing their services based out of India.

Use NIBUNAR PAY to pay salaries and make other payments at your convenience

The team at NIBUNAR PAY believes that the salary to your employee is a service payment for their services rendered. Hence, using NIBUNAR PAY as a service provider, you can pay the recipient their salary, bonus, incentive, reimbursement, perks, and other service payments using various methods such credit card or EMI (EMI is available for amounts greater than Rs 1,000) as the source of funds in three simple steps:

1. Provide the bank details or UPI ID of the receiver in India and the amount to be paid.

2. Use your credit card or any preferred payment options such as EMI, Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking, UPI or Wallets, to make your payment through a secured channel.

3. Based on the settlement speed chosen, the receiver gets money in their bank account.

The NIBUNAR PAY app also provides users the convenience of three settlement options, which can be chosen based on the urgency.

Express : Settlement in 3 to 24 hours

Fast : Settlement in 1 to 2 days

Standard : Settlement in 3 days

With its easy-to-use interface and convenient settlement options, NIBUNAR PAY is geared towards meeting all your salary and other service payment needs.

Download the Android version here to pay salaries and make other payments a hassle-free experience.


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