Proactive Health360: The preventive health monitoring startup for corporate employees

Proactive Health360 provides a health dashboard that serves to educate patients on their current health conditions and predicts their risk of developing common ailments such as heart diseases.

Healthcare is moving from the doctor’s clinic to home, with many people assessing their health regularly. There is a whole slew of apps to measure your fitness and determining whether sugar levels are under control. This encouraged friends Dr Amit Newatia and Dr Aditi Kalra to create a platform for patients with their startup Proactive Health360.

The primary goal of the Proactive Health360 platform is to encourage patients to become advocates of their own health. This is done by empowering patients with health-related information that is easy for them to visualise and understand

Dr Aditi Kalra, Co-founder of Proactive Health360.

"It all starts with the consolidation of health records in one easy to access location. Having all health records in one place allows patients to easily share their records and to understand trends in their health that may be very subtle," Amit tells YourStory.

The patient’s health information is then combined with customised preventive tests that are specially designed to detect hidden diseases. All this information is then used to provide powerful feedback to patients with an easy-to-navigate personal health dashboard. 

The health dashboard serves to educate patients on their current health conditions and predicts their risks of developing common ailments such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and high blood pressure. "Patients also receive guidance from a team of doctors and nutritionists to facilitate the implementation of the changes proposed," adds Aditi.

What the company aims to solve

People with busy lifestyles often don’t focus on subtle changes to their health that occurring over time. "Many chronic conditions are silent and cause no symptoms in the beginning. As a result, we can go years without even knowing about them," says Aditi.

Residents in cities are three times more prone to heart attacks than people living in the village. According to the Indian Heart Association, 50 percent of all heart attacks in Indians occur under the age of 50, and 25 percent of all heart attacks in Indians occur under 40 years of age.

"The goal of Proactive Health360 is to empower people to understand their own health risks so that they can be informed consumers of their health. If you can measure something, then you will track it. And if you track it, then you are far more likely to do something about it. Understanding your health risks will help you do just that," says Amit.

Unlike other platforms that provide one-time testing or consultation, Proactive Health360 stays with patients by providing valuable health and nutrition coaching along the way.  

The ASSOCHAM report on Preventive Healthcare and its impact on the corporate sector states that ‘one rupee spent on prevention saves Rs 133 in absenteeism costs and Rs 6.62 in healthcare costs.’

"Imagine having a replica of your body on your screen and you touch the body part on the screen to see relevant health data regarding that body system. For example, if you want to know about your heart health, you can click on the cardiovascular tab, which would reflect all your cardiac data, future cardiovascular health risks and recommended investigation/care plan by our expert team of physicians, nutritionists and wellness advisors," says Aditi.

The startup works on three steps:

Acquire: It takes historical data and combines it with important preventative tests to centralise your health information.

Analyse: The Health Data and Risk Modelling processes the health information and performs a detailed risk analysis. The startup makes it easy for patients to understand the health risks.

Act: The startup provides the user with a detailed health status report and recommendations that would allow them to take charge of their health.

Monitoring health

The startup also offers the PH Score, which is a proprietary health summary score, that is based on different aspects of the patient's health data. The goal of the score is to provide an efficient way for an individual to track different health factors, visually. Once a baseline PH Score is established, it serves to measure progress resulting from the interventions provided by the Proactive Health360 team

"We provide a library of articles and videos as well as nutritional consultations throughout the year so that healthy individuals can stay the course. Our goal is to stay with the individual throughout their life. So even if an individual is healthy now, constant monitoring would allow our team to pick up subtle changes to someone's health since we would have their health history," says Amit.

The doctors can immediately spot a trend based on past test results and health checkups to determine whether a person is at risk of developing certain diseases or not.

The PH360 health professionals are available for regular follow-ups throughout the year.  

The early days

The founders have been friends for over a decade. Though they had been living miles apart, they shared a common vision to contribute to the healthcare of busy corporate executives working extensive hours.

They wanted to save lives and families by detecting preventable diseases early through preventive measures by digitising and consolidating health records and arriving at potential health risk scores.

"The idea was to create a personalised 360 preventive healthcare platform where an individual can understand all the different health variables in a very intuitive and easy-to-understand format," says Amit.

Proactive Health360 was born out of Dr Amit Newatia's vision to help patients reverse the downward spiral of poor health outcomes resulting from inaction and neglect. Amit is a practising physician in the US. Trained at Johns Hopkins Hospital, he specializes in the field of Radiology. He has been an advocate of preventative care and founded this venture because he has witnessed first hand the devastating complications of chronic conditions that were avoidable with proper and timely intervention. The doctor says that not following good diet and exercise causes complications.

Dr Aditi is a certified physiotherapist and wellness consultant who has over 15 years of experience in the healthcare industry, including clinical operations, administration, strategic management, sales, and digital marketing.

The doctors partnered to develop the Proactive Health360 platform in 2018. The proactive healthcare platform uses Data Analytics and AI/ML to predict future health risk scores based on current health and other variable data points.

Focus on corporate employees

The startup shifted its focus from B2C to B2B in late 2018. Corporates became the main focus of the sales effort.

Amit says it was easy at first to gain users as they reached out to their friends and family. But with the shift to corporates, they had to make a sales pitch:

"The first sales pitch was a fiasco – our prospect was thinking that we are pitching for just regular preventive blood tests until they saw the actual product which was more than their expectations and included an in-depth analysis of an individual’s health data including a video briefing by a general physician, risk scores, a detailed timeline and an overall PH score – which, as per our clients, was a unique thing."

Aditi says that clients initially thought that the platform is like other preventive health companies which are focused on blood tests. However, on PH360, blood tests form only 20 percent of the solution.

"We offer certain unique features which are first-of-its-kind in the Indian market like providing a unique health score, sharing the data on request with your family doctor for limited hours, risk scores, and linking a family health data. The most important is that it's not a one-time activity," she adds.

The startup is trying to get employees of large corporations on board and is pursuing insurance companies to integrate with underwriting insurance software and offer the PH360 platform to their customers. The founders claim that if the corporates can detect the preventable disease early, the overall insurance claims would be less. The startup has also gone global it has partnered with AMC Group SL to launch its services in Spain.

“The benefit to corporates was that they can see the overall health status of the company, health score of different verticals or Team leads, and helps identify the concerned area for improvement. This helps the HR Team to design focused and healthy initiatives for different verticals in the same company rather than following- one size fits all policy,” adds Amit.

Business model

The startup has invested about $500,000 of the founders’ money in initial product development and setting up IT infrastructure. The company is bootstrapped by the founders. It is at break-even stage and earned more than $2 million in revenue this year.

The software works on a SaaS model. One pays an annual subscription in advance to access the platform to get all the benefits.

Post COVID-19, the new normal would require everyone to maintain health vitals and track health data for employees, especially in hospitality, aviation,and the IT sector. "So all pilots, crew and ground staff ofan aviation company should benefit from our health platform to keep a track of their health, diet and mental wellness," says Amit.

Some of the early adopters are PDS international Pvt Ltd, 3A Clothing Company, Safecon India technologies, Tramontana Corp, and Epicerie Brands Pvt Ltd.

This startup competes with Gyant, Medopad, Ejenta, and 100PLUS.

Edited by Kanishk Singh