Best of Weekender: From a candid chat with Netflix star, Vir Das to celebrating moms on Mother’s Day

Read our exclusive interview with Vir Das and his dark new web series Hasmukh, find out about trendy face masks and mompreneurs, and don’t miss some good advice from moms across the country this Mother's Day!

Never the one to shy away from edgy, dark, and sometimes even polarising comedy, Vir Das has become the face of everything millennial.

With 100+ comedy shows, a dozen Bollywood movies, and three Netflix specials under his belt, and a dark new web series – Hasmukh – currently streaming online, it is safe to say that Das is currently enjoying his time in the sun.

Vir Das

And why not? He has given more than a decade of his life to the art of making people laugh, and it is finally his time to shine.

Don’t miss our exclusive interview with the actor-comedian as he looks back at his career, and the warm response that his new comedy series has received amid the trying times.

Creative masks are the new normal

Cleanliness is top priority now, whether it means washing hands frequently, sanitising every surface in your house and wearing masks and gloves when stepping outdoors.

Some citizens and celebrities globally have been getting creative with their PPE, designing colourful and trendy facemasks that stand out from the regular masks that are in circulation.

Designer brands and companies are creating unique patterns and prints on face masks and selling them with a 'Buy one get one free and give to a friend/family member' offer. Others are taking old patterned shirts, felt tip pens, and bringing out the artist in them to create some fascinating and stunning face masks. 

Now, every time you step out rather than constantly being reminded about the coronavirus outbreak, why not enjoy the beauty of unique facemask instead!

Read all about some trendy face mask designs amid the COVID-19 lockdown.

Mother-daughter moments are priceless

Another Mother’s Day has arrived, a day that is usually reserved to shower your mom with flowers, gifts, cakes, and thoughtful gestures to remind her of how special she is. This year, the scenario may have changed due to the lockdown and social distancing, but you can still celebrate your mother in so many other ways.

On Mother’s Day, we caught up with some renowned entrepreneurs and celebrities to find out their thoughts about their moms and what they plan to do with their mothers once is lockdown is lifted.

Don’t miss reading all about what entrepreneurs and celebs have to say about their mothers, their fondest memories of them and much more in our special Mother’s Day feature.

Gayatri Luthra, Ruchi Mitroo, Shikha Chaturvedi, and Priya Wadhawan, Co-Founders, igraasp

We live in an increasingly connected world where access to information is on free-flow. Be it the local news, crime or politics updates, entertainment items, or celebrity sound bytes, we have access to everything on our electronic devices. But, much of this content is not good for our children, and it is unhealthy for them to consume so much information.

This was the reason why a group of four moms came up with the idea of igraasp. They launched a specially designed and curated news channel for children and the entire family. Four mompreneurs – Priya Wadhwan, Gayatri Luthra, Shikha Sharma Chaturvedi, and Ruchi Mitroo – are behind the venture.

As we celebrate Mother’s Day this week, don’t forget to read all about this innovative venture launched by mompreneurs. Also, check out igraasp on YouTube, and watch their bi-weekly news wrap, anchored primarily by school kids.

Podcasts can be informative and entertaining

People all across the world have been finding various ways to deal with these unprecedented circumstances by staying at home and practising social distancing. Many of them have powered through by trying out new activities and tweaking old routines.

For people looking to try something new with their time, listening to podcasts is definitely a rewarding experience given the plethora of engaging content across multiple genres. Check out our list of seven podcasts across a variety of genres that could be your next fix to get you through the lockdown.

Don’t miss reading all about the details of podcasts like Serial, The Tim Ferris Show, Yorked, and many more.

The Co-founders of Isolation Cooks

The idea of Isolation Cooks started a few days after the lockdown was announced in India. Freelance journalist Kavita Kishore and software developer Avinash Chandrashekar were discussing food, and they decided to document people’s traditional recipes.

Soon, they realised that this was a great opportunity to build a community around food as everyone was cooking and eating at home. The duo roped in their friends, Mihir and Nivya, and that’s how Isolation Cooks was born.

The project’s social media platforms have become a community for people to exchange recipes, tips, tricks, and even menu ideas. To date, Chennai-based Isolation Cooks has over 100 unique contributors, and around 150 posts, including some professional chefs and food bloggers. In addition to recipes and photos of food, Isolation Cooks also showcases anecdotes, the funny things that happen in the kitchen and photos of the cooks at work.

Read all about the food projects that Isolation Cooks have for their fans and try out some of their recipes too.

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