This 25-year-old woman is taking the male-dominated world of online gaming by storm


After a successful career in the world of ‘Big Brand’ consumer marketing, Trish Kunath is now disrupting the male-dominated world of online gaming. All of 25 years old, she is possibly the youngest woman director of an online gaming company, Technopolis LLC. She helps the company’s clients – mostly gaming companies – with their turnkey online skill gaming business ventures.

Trish’s expertise will be put to use to help gaming companies change their growth trajectory, find a new marketing strategy, push brand or product development, etc. In addition, Trish will also help the company’s clients in team building and demand generation in the US, Latin America and Asia.

Technopolis is a company that builds online skill-based games like Poker, eSports and Fantasy Sports. Headquartered in Florida, Technopolis has branches in India and Latin America as well.

Trish works with global clientele handling skill games like Poker, Fantasy Sports, Rummy, besides sports betting and licensed casinos. She also supervises the tech teams located in India, the US and East Europe. In this process, she handles clients from all walks of life and belonging to different locations worldwide.

Trish has been instrumental in tripling the business of the company as well as of her clients even during the COVID19 pandemic times with her smart and savvy marketing reach by penetrating untapped and highly competitive markets.

The young leader has created a fully capable outsourced development and support team within a month, while most of the current team is held up in remote areas without proper support systems. She has taken the lead in generating groundbreaking ideas for her current team through their mobile phones, despite poor connectivity and other issues, thus, keeping them employed and productive has been pushing the company for more innovative and diverse solutions in other aligned areas. Apart from this, Trish has also been organising fundraisers to support COVID-19 victims through an NGO that she endorses, and has raised over Rs 7.5 million. This fun-loving, down-to-earth gaming-enthusiast brings a lot of focus and resourcefulness to her work, making her an asset for the company.

“Whether it is the B2B online gaming operator looking to showcase his startup poker product or a casual gamer looking for a poker software, rummy software or fantasy sports software, I make sure that they get what they are looking for,” she says.
Trish’s mantra for success is simple - “Plan strategically, embrace change, be metric driven, test often and use innovation to stand out from the crowd.”


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