2 Pune-based entrepreneurs team up for new startup that makes face shields to fight coronavirus

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, Aditya Kabra, Founder and CEO of Zeroplast Labs, and Mitesh Rasal, Co-founder and CEO of RUT3 Engineering, in May launched Pune-based Armor Care that offers comfortable, light-weight and low-cost face shields.

As India opens up after the coronavirus lockdown, the need for protective equipment continues to rise. And startups across India are rising to the challenge.

Aditya Kabra and Mitesh Rasal, co-founders, Armor Care

Aditya Kabra, Founder and CEO of ZeroPlast Labs, and Mitesh Rasal, Co-founder and CEO of RUT3 Engineering, were also keen to take the fight to coronavirus and decided to launch a startup that produces high-quality face shields

Founded in May 2020, Pune-based Armor Care was established after the founders joined the Pune Face Shield Action Group. The group was started by Venture Centre, a Pune-based business incubator that counts Zeroplast and RUT3 Engineering among its portfolio startups. 

“The journey began when Venture Centre got a request from Pune police for manufacturing face shields. After this, 10 portfolio companies, including us, and the incubator launched the Pune Face Shield Action Group in March to design, fabricate, manufacture, and donate low-cost face shields for the frontline workers,” Aditya tells YourStory.

Aditya claims that till date the group has donated around one lakh face shields to the police department and hospitals.

Launching Armor Care

Aditya says things started when the group got feedback from frontline workers that while the face shields met demand shortage amid the lockdown, they needed to be better quality as India readied for Unlock 1.0.

The duo then launched Armor Care to sell pocket-friendly, fog-resistant, lightweight, and waterproof face shields.

“With Venture Centre’s group, we were donating masks only to frontline workers but with Armor, we are aiming to reach out to all customers, be it hospitals or individual users,” Aditya says.

The co-founder claimed the face shields can be worn for up to 12 hours comfortably. Users can disinfect them by soaking in soap solution for 20 minutes or wiping down with an alcohol-based sanitiser. 

The face shield comprises a holder and detachable sheets. The holder can last lifelong while the sheets can last for two to three weeks. However, it depends on usage,” Aditya says.

Credit: Armor Care

Of business and more

The Armor Care face shields are available for sale across India via the company’s website. At present, two variants are available: Armor Pro face shield and Armor Lite face shield. The Pro variant is bigger and covers the ears; the Lite variant does not cover the ears. 

A pack of five Armor Pro face shields is priced at Rs 345 while the Armor Lite pack is sold at Rs 295. Users can also buy packs of 10 or 15. They can also purchase a pack of 15 additional sheets for Lite for Rs 112 and Pro for Rs 150.

Aditya claims that more than 5,000 Armor face shields have been sold till date to doctors and the general public. Apart from Maharashtra, the company has also received orders from Odisha and Haryana

It’s not just Armor. Several entrepreneurs have stepped up to manufacture protective gear to meet increasing demand.

Gurugram-based manufacturing enterprise Crea Worldwide began manufacturing face shields and PPE coveralls suitable for the Indian climate. Jammu-based SID07 Designs also developed a comfortable and reusable face shield, COVisor, for doctors who need to wear it for longer duration. 

Speaking about the startup’s plans for the future, Aditya says the company is considering a work model where they can collaborate and provide shields to Pune Face Shield Action Group.

Edited by Teja Lele Desai


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