[App Fridays] What next on Netflix or Prime Video? This ‘jini’ lets you search, track, and filter OTT content

OTT discovery app Flixjini lets users scan and browse through content from nearly 30 streaming services, saving time and effort. But is it worth it?

If you are on social media, chances are that you have come across user posts asking for films and TV series recommendations on OTT platforms. In fact, now there are dedicated handles tracking new titles, season upgrades, etc. 

Given there are over 50 video-streaming apps and services in the world, keeping track of what is available when and where can be quite a task

But there are quick fixes. 

Meet Flixjini, an app that helps users stay abreast of OTT content across platforms. It lets you search, track, filter, and discover titles, and create your own personalised watchlist in a jiffy. 

The name is an amalgamation of ‘flix’ (movies) and ‘jini’ (or ‘genie’ - someone who grants a wish). The app has been developed by Chennai-based startup Cheeni Labs, and has crossed 100,000 installs on Google Play Store. It is rated 4.1 out of 5. 

Photo: YS Design

Flixjini is modelled on Berlin-based OTT discovery service JustWatch, but with an India focus. It is a bit like Trivago for movies and shows

The app aggregates content from about 30 OTT platforms, including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar, YouTube, JioCinema, ZEE5, Google Play Movies, Apple TV, HOOQ, and more. Flixjini houses titles from over 10 Indian languages as well as Hollywood, European, and Asian cinema.

The app  collects a varied set of data on each title, including cast, crew, reviews, ratings, running time, awards and recognition, to help users decide what they could watch. 

Flixjini also uses an AI-driven recommendation engine to suggest titles based on users’ language and genre preferences, and browsing patterns. It redirects viewers to the streaming service where their chosen titles are available. The app does not stream any content on its own. 

Users can access Flixjini on the desktop, tablet, and mobile web too. 

App features

First, you log in with your Google or Facebook account. 

Flixjini gives an auto-select prompt. If you hit ‘yes’, it automatically detects all the streaming apps installed on your device. If you want to add them manually later, you can choose ‘no’.  

Select your language and OTT service preferences on the next page. You can select multiple options for both.

Flixjni also lets you filter your search in terms of free or paid and rental or purchase content. You can select all the options too. 

The next page lets you sort your interests based on movies, TV shows, and in-theatre titles. This helps save a lot of browsing time. 

The app also throws up a genre-based selection to browse from. You can choose from sitcoms, comedies, crime thrillers, romance, action, adventure, biopics, and more. Hit the ‘follow’ button next to each genre to get alerts and updates on future titles under that section. 

Flixjini provides curated lists based on languages, critical acclaim, box office collections, what’s trending, IMDB top-rated titles, etc. This is particularly useful if you’re an indecisive viewer. 
You can also add titles to the ‘queue’, which is a watchlist for your own use, hit like or dislike, and send titles over WhatsApp.

Click the ‘watch’ button to be taken to the streaming app where the title is playing.

The bottom tab of the app has a ‘Search’ tab where you can directly enter title names. You can also filter content based on recency on the ‘Fresh’ tab. 

Verdict: a genie or not?

Flixjini is useful if you own multiple OTT subscriptions and are constantly switching between platforms or if you’re struggling to find free content. 

The app solves both problems with its one-stop OTT directory. 

Flixjini saves time, effort, and curbs the binge-watcher’s FOMO. It not only helps you discover better, but also faster. The nifty user controls and content filters also help customise the OTT discovery. So, you can actually spend more hours watching than browsing.

But what pulls Flixjini down is a clunky UI and lag-ridden navigation that makes the browsing experience far from seamless. We used the latest app version over 5G WiFi and 4G mobile connections, but the lags persisted.

In comparison, JustWatch, which allows users to tailor searches based on geographies (you can select India), is neat and smooth, and a handy alternative to Flixjini. There are other services like Binged.com as well. 

Flixjini has figured out the content part; all it needs is a facelift in tech.

Edited by Teja Lele