Backstage Pass brings world-class gaming education right to your doorstep


Since its inception, the gaming industry has seen a fast pace of growth. Currently valued at $150 billion, its potential business and employment opportunities are vast and open to anyone with the right levels of skill and creativity.

To make it in this industry, you need a strong passion for gaming, and skill, which can be learnt through practical learning and guidance.

“Video games are an interactive medium where you can get completely absorbed in the experience, and it's quite natural to pursue a career in game development as an extension of your own creative expression. And that's when you need some support from training academies so that your interest and your profession eventually get aligned,” says Rajat Ojha, CEO of Gamitronics.

Backstage Pass Institute of Gaming and Technology is one such training academy to offer such kind of support. In 2010, they started off as one of the pioneers of gaming education in India with just 10 students, and today, they have enrolled almost 400 students. They offer game development courses in game programming, art and design. Students that selected are enrolled in these courses according to what is most suitable to their talents.

When asked about the requirements to be a good game developer, Surya Prakash, founder of Backstage Pass, says, “You should be a passionate gamer, with a lot of game ideas in your mind, and you need the required skill and support to develop and publish those games. Proper guidance from an industry expert or a mentor will be very helpful in not only making games, but also successfully monetising them.”

Backstage Pass operates along these same lines. The primary focus of its mentors is to build a strong foundation for each student by concentrating on the basics and fundamentals in detail. The various programmes of Backstage Pass encourage theoretical and practical learning. For example, students with innovative ideas are guided by their mentors to develop their own game, which will be marketed and published by the college. The revenue earned will be shared between the students that worked on the game, which will motivate students to work harder to make better games.

Through its decade-long journey, Backstage Pass has formed strong associations with the top game companies in India, which provides unparalleled internship and job opportunities for its students. Backstage Pass alumni are not only working in the top game companies in India, but also in international companies. For example, Anshul Soni, an alumnus, is working in EA Sports, Washington, USA, and had recently worked for the AAA title - Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, Backstage Pass has been working harder than ever to enable students to continue their education in these trying times. Mentors are available at all times of the day over video conference, even after classes have ended, to help solve any doubts. Assignments and tests are also being conducted online and in a timely manner as planned.

Backstage Pass has always strived to make game education available for individuals from all economic backgrounds by providing value-add programmes such as scholarships for merit students and women, and student loans at low interest rates.

To learn and enhance your skills in game development, look no further than Backstage Pass!


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