The new dimensions of wellness industry in post-pandemic times

Holistic health and wellness are now going to take the centerstage. Consumers who spent their resources on leisurewear are now moving towards becoming more health and wellness-conscious than ever.

If there is any positive coming out of the pits of the coronavirus pandemic, it is likely to be increased attention to one’s health and wellness. The global pandemic, which has impacted every aspect of life universally and shaken people to their core, has also managed to bring a plentiful of consciousness on personal health and wellbeing to the vanguard of human notice.

With this unanticipated crisis having significantly transformed almost every facet of the global supply chain across industries, the burgeoning health and wellness sphere is no exception. Comprehending this aspect, the pandemic will also modify the path of how wellness will evolve across the globe in the post-pandemic times.

Health and wellness companies have been countersigning a multitude of ways to facilitate in effectively overcoming the crisis. This encompasses the mounting consumer cognisance, surging disposable incomes, and a yearning among the millennial population to alter their lifestyles for the better. Factors such as these have led to an unparalleled boom in the sector of well-being and wellness sector globally.

Also, as people are shifting their focus towards fostering community health and well-being, various healthcare and pharma brands are now capitalising on the health and wellness products segment to cater to the emerging requirements of the contemporary population.

Industry experts are putting firm bets on wellness becoming even more pertinent for many people in the post-pandemic world. This is because with the blink of an eye, the consumer health patterns are going to undergo vast changes and in the post-COVID-19 world they are likely to take more charge of their health by prioritising their well-being.

Wellness is the new wealth

Health and wellness have been severely impacted by the current pandemic. Daily incoming challenges like human loss and impact on mental and physical health that have been triggered by the virus will take some time to completely vanish even after the crisis has passed. Hence, there is a dire need for a healthcare and wellness reboot in India.

Holistic health and wellness are now going to take the centerstage. Consumers who spent their resources on leisurewear are now moving towards becoming more health and wellness-conscious than ever. The focus on wellness is going to be more amplified with people beginning to re-think their approach to holistic health.

Additionally, with the lockdown offering people with ample incentives to stay physically active, the modern-day consumers will be more than ever primed to capitalise on a wellness-obsessed and holistic lifestyle.

Immunity and holistic wellness

The universal demand for immunity products will probably deliver an enduring ‘new norm’ of higher growth for these types of supplements and brands will necessitate revolutionising to meet the demands.

A noteworthy segment of consumers will have made use of this lockdown phase to educate themselves on ways by which they can increase their immunity levels and this newly-educated base of consumers will surely bestow the sector with long-standing opportunities.

In the pre-coronavirus phase, consumers were already moving towards the path of becoming health-conscious, but the crisis has stimulated the consumer’s awareness of a restored immune system and how holistic wellness can boost immunity levels in the body.

Holistic health solutions

An even more prudent trend that could alter the wellness markets post the pandemic is a penchant towards all-inclusive health solutions.

Consumers for a long time have been drawn to multi-vitamins and plant-based products known to offer a range of health advantages and it has been researched that innovations combining these two predilections will likely hit the spot.

So, where does the wellness workforce go from here?

There is no negating or sugar-coating the fact that the current times are a challenging phase. But we have the opportunity to come out on the other side as an industry and workforce that’s amalgamated in both experience and vision.

This is clearly a time for an essential shift and hopefully realigning for the overall wellness ambit.

Edited by Javed Gaihlot

(Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of YourStory.)


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