[Jobs roundup] Help companies build brands with these social media role openings

If you are passionate about social media and brand marketing, here are a few roles that might excite you.

For any company, building a brand and validating it is crucial in today's time. The company's social media presence, when done correctly, tells consumers how active and focussed its brand is. And, constant communication with consumers and clients is one of the key skills.

This is where social media specialists come into play. They ideally help a company come up with and create marketing strategies to interact with its customers in accordance with the organisations' objectives and budget. In fact, they are the ones who are in charge of representing the company across its social media channels, as the sole voice of the brand.

YourStory has curated a few openings in social media and brand marketing roles that might excite you.

Social Media and Community Amplification


Experience needed: 3-5 years

The company is looking for someone who can design and execute the content strategy of social media, to establish brand imagery, as well as engage the fans, and other CRM responsibilities. They are required to study the content trends in the app and in the market, and promote in-app contents accordingly to build the impactfulness and imagery of the in-app contents or creators. The candidate's responsibilities also include managing the Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) pool and establish programmatic content amplification system, to increase returned users from key media platforms.

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Manager - Social Media


Experience needed: 7-9 years

As a social media manager, the candidate will be responsible for social media listening, research, content ideation, and brainstorming. This means that they will be responsible to maintain a monthly schedule for the company's events, as well as research, monitor, and track what's trending on social media, and coordinate with departments to create content around trending topics.

The candidate will be responsible for ensuring timely and seamless operations in maintaining scheduled posting of posts on various social media handles, and ensuring that the posts get enough visibility. Their focus will be to bring about a healthy rise in engagement and follower count on all platforms with the content, attracting more social media users without purchasing power.

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Digital and Social Media Manager

The Better India

Experience needed: 4-6 years

As a digital and social media manager at The Better India, the candidate will be required to manage and grow the brand’s engagement on social media channels with unique content formats. This includes being on top of the news cycle and strengthen the brand experience, reach, and engagement across every digital channel of interaction.

An ideal candidate should have the ability to create networks with content creators like designers, photographers, musicians, and other artists for distribution, and engage with influencers for a share of voice. They should also take ownership of growth KRAs on reach, engagement, and make it one of the most loved digital brands of India.

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Social Media Manager


Experience needed: 3+ years

The SaaS-based digital adoption startup is looking for a candidate who is passionate about social media and can strike a perfect balance between creativity, business needs, and metrics. Their responsibilities at Whatfix will include defining and executing the strategy for engaging followers across key channels, including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and industry-specific forums and communities, with a focussed effort on increasing engagement, and growing followers.

They will need to understand the interests and behaviours of the audience and how to best connect with them. They will also need to manage a high volume of content creation (both internally and externally), ensuring excellence in project management and creative delivery.

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Social Media Manager


Experience needed: Not specified

The candidate will be responsible for the creation of the content basis the pre-decided calendar, as well as for creating and featuring in the stories (minimum of two different content piece, and five-part story on Instagram). They are required to monitor constantly on what is working and what is not working, and adjust the plan of action accordingly.

They will also be responsible for generating the content for the post and maintaining the quality of the page, as well as monitoring the page and competition.

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