LetsDoThis - This duo’s go-to-market engine is tapping into a global multi-million-dollar opportunity


What could possibly be common between Pratik Gauri — A 29-year-old serial social entrepreneur who represented India at World Economic Forum in Davos and United Nations in New York, among numerous accolades, and Shailendra Dixit — A 38-year old ISB-alumni who is an advertising and marketing storyteller with 20-years of experience working with established and startup businesses? An immense drive to help impact startups become unicorns and build profits with purpose.

With this vision, the duo is re-defining the value chain with LetsDoThis Global —India’s flagship go-to-market engine that is truly taking India to the world with partners from multiple industry verticals. 

"We were working through the second quarter of LetsDoThis Global when the Covid crisis literally crippled the world. The business plans and revenue projections we had on our spreadsheets, which ran to billions, were auto-deleting faster than we had even imagined them,” says Pratik Gauri, Cofounder and Chairman, LetsDoThis Global

But that didn't stop them one bit, says Pratik. The team connected with their prospects and designed global disruptor strategies to prepare for the post-covid world. “We starting dialling numbers around the world. And the world answered back. Quite literally the one you seek is also seeking you,” says Patik.

Through their perseverance and the apt use of technology during the lockdown, LetsDoThis Global successfully established a braintrust of professionals, representatives of family offices, ultra HNIs, and seasoned professionals across India, HongKong, Geneva, London, New York, Costa Rica and Kenya. With some of the world’s highly influential individuals and companies being their representative partners, this ever-expanding network is capable of scaling each and every opportunity that is tabled in front of them. 

“We are not consultants. We don’t give gyan. We do it with you, for you. We are growth partners to all our clients and believe in walking the talk. Our clients trust us as we commit revenues, design expansion modules, and earn our share through stakes in businesses. We don’t make clients, we become partners in their vision and ambitions and make these our own,” says Shailendra Dixit, co-founder and Principal, LetsDoThis Global.

During the lockdown, LetsDoThis Global has secured opportunities with partners from various industries including F&B, healthcare, personal care, consumer electronics, not-for-profit organisations, recommerce, fintech, foodtech and social impact. The startup has hired top CXOs from different industries, has signed 10+ clients during 3 months of Covid lockdown, and has already raised an angel round of funding for an undisclosed amount with impact investors from Fortune 500 companies and global funds post-valuation of $20 million. 

As India opens up to the world, LetsDoThis Global is poised to make sure that Indian’s native brands and products become a part of the everyday life of citizens across nations. The challenge, they believe, is in keeping their ears to ground and sensing dynamic changes occurring globally and choreographing a business fit in real-time. 

With a can-do attitude and a global vision, it is no wonder that the team’s most frequently used expression is #LetsDoThis. 

If you have a business that you are confident has the potential to be a global disruptor and create positive impact, click here and #LetsDoThis


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