Salesforce will focus on India story: Arundhati Bhattacharya

Banker Arundhati Bhattacharya, who joined Salesforce's India team in April this year, says she will focus on how get the best resources and talent, ensure productivity, and enhance collaboration to develop the 'India story'.

Cloud-based software provider Salesforce is focusing on strengthening its operations in the country, creating a unified structure that can create an "India story", its India head said.

"My focus will be to create that India story, create a unified structure....the India leadership will look at how to get the best of resources and talent, ensure productivity, better collaboration, ensure that we get the right kind of people into the company to develop that India story and to enable us to contribute in the area of innovation, engineering and support services as well as in sales," Salesforce India CEO Arundhati Bhattacharya said.

Former Chairperson of SBI, Arundhati Bhattacharya, is now the India CEO of SalesForce.

Bhattacharya joined Salesforce's India team in April this year. Salesforce has teams in Hyderabad and Bengaluru, and over 2,500 employees in the country.

It is one of the largest cloud CRM companies that is proliferating the use of cloud-based software and kick-started the software-as-a-service revolution. 

She said that the restructuring of operations will bring in more coordination between different departments.

Arundhati, 64, had led the digital transformation of India's largest bank State Bank of India as its chairman. She served in the State Bank of India for 40 years. 

She also holds the distinction of being the first female chairperson of the State Bank of India. She is one of the most influential bankers in the nation.

Bhattacharya said the business momentum has continued to stay strong and even during the COVID-19 pandemic, five to six installations have gone live.

"All the people I have talked to in the business, they all believe that we need to prepare for a new way of doing things; there will be a new normal and all of them are looking for solutions. They know these solutions will have to be data-driven and digital platforms," she said.

Bhattacharya added that more discussions were happening and in many ways, businesses were taking this "hiatus" to re-strategise for the future.

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