Coronavirus updates for July 22

Here's a roundup of YourStory's coverage today of how India and the world are dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.

With more than 38,000 new cases, India's coronavirus tally has crossed 1.2 million, with more than 29,400 deaths reported according to Worldometer. According to the Health Ministry, the number of active cases as of today has been 4.1 lakh. The country also saw the highest number of recoveries so far in the last 24 hours.

Manipur will go under complete lockdown for 14 days, starting from July 23. Bhopal is also set to impose lockdown from July 24 to August 3, meanwhile Kerala has cautioned that the state may go under complete lockdown again. Uttar Pradesh has ordered establishment of static centres for COVID-19 testing in all districts.

The World Health Organisation recognised India's efforts to fight the outbreak, stating that the country has been responding with utmost urgency to COVID-19 from the start. As per a study by South Korean epidemiologists, people were more likely to contract the novel coronavirus from members of their home than from contacts outside home.

Here's a roundup of YourStory's coverage today of how India and the world are dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.

Building strong immunity may be the best way to fight COVID-19: Dr Velumani of Thyrocare

Amid the focus on developing a vaccine for COVID-19, Thyrocare MD Dr A Velumani says staying cooped up at home is not the way out of the pandemic. Exposure to the virus can help build a strong immune system, which may be ‘the best way to fight COVID-19 virus’.

Pivot and Persist: This Chandigarh-based hospitality startup ventured into fruits and vegetable business to survive the pandemic

Chandigarh-based LivingStone Stays is utilising its connects with the apple farmers in the Himachal region, and is targeting to sell apples worth Rs 1 crore.

In a world of economic uncertainty, the long-term outlook for buying and selling online is bright

While it will still take a lot of time for things to go back to normal, people comfortable with their physical business presence have started reconsidering online business remodeling.  

Digital Marketing Strategies and COVID’19 pandemic

Digital Marketing is really important for your business right now and due to the pandemic, we are in deep waters.

Omidyar Network launches initiative to invest in solutions for MSMEs, migrants affected by COVID-19

With the effects of COVID-19 likely to last for at least another 12 to 24 months, the initiative will look to entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and policymakers to come together to reframe and resolve the issues plaguing these areas, the company added.

LinkedIn laying off nearly 1,000 jobs globally amidst hiring slowdown

LinkedIn said it will provide at least 10 weeks of severance pay, and its global immigration team will provide personalised support to those on company-sponsored visas.

Facial recognition may become the new norm post-COVID-19

From banking to marketing, Facial recognition has penetrated several industries, this technology could become the new normal post-COVID-19. Here's how.


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