Gautam Gambhir-backed FYI Health is helping enterprises unlock with its ‘all-in-one’ product

Launched in May 2020, Gautam Gambhir-backed FYI Health has launched FYI Health Post, a made-in-India enterprise solution that enables face recognition, mask detection, temperature scanning, and contactless sanitisation.
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The COVID-19 pandemic triggered lockdowns and curbs across India, shuttering businesses and battering the economy. Amid the global health crisis, several entrepreneurs have come up with new solutions to help enterprises and organisations navigate the crisis.

As India opens up, New Delhi-based healthtech startup FYI Health is helping businesses operate safely with its innovative digital health monitoring solution that aims to boost workplace health.

Credit: Yash Raj Gupta, Founder, FYI Health

Launched two months ago by Yash Raj Gupta, FYI Health is a community healthtech platform. Owned by Stark Resilient Pvt Ltd, it helps enterprises take advantage of community participation in any corporate location to deliver real-time health data.

Backed by former Indian cricketer and current Lok Sabha member Gautam Gambhir, FYI Health on Wednesday announced the launch of its made-in-India, “all-in-one” solution FYI Health Post, which will help businesses and enterprises create a safer environment and fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

The product provides solutions for face recognition and authentication, mask detection, temperature scanning, and contactless sanitisation

“To create a safer environment, we came up with a hardware solution called FYI Health Post, a six-feet post (or tower) that can be installed at the entry point of enterprises, hotels, factories, banks, and hospitals among others,” Yash said. 

Speaking about his investment in the healthtech startup, Gautam Gambhir told YourStory that this was “currently the need of the hour and will be important even in future”. He had earlier called FYI Health “a pioneering effort” and “a much required innovation in the fight against COVID-19 and the potential rebound, if any. It provides companies and its employees a win-win, easy-to-use healthtech product”.

What does FYI Health Post do?

According to the founder, FYI Health Post is a made-in India community health monitoring solution exclusively designed for enterprise use.It can identify and authenticate visitors, detect masks, and body temperature, and also provides contactless sanitisation before they enter the premises.

Once deployed, it provides employers with a health dashboard that showcases the overall health index of employees in a corporate location, and allows them to “take timely and pre-emptive action on flagged cases and those vulnerable to transmission”.

FYI Health Post is motion-activated, and starts operating as soon as someone stand in front of it.

“It has a seven-inch LCD screen that allows visitors to interact with the device. An AI-powered camera detects if the individual standing before it is wearing a mask or not. It is equipped with a thermal sensor to check the body temperature of a person standing in front of the device,” Yash said.

The device can also help in sanitisation. “Two nozzles on the sides dispense sanitiser, and the lower chamber houses the container,” Yash said. He added that once refilled, the machine can be used to sanitise 800 people.

FYI Health Post runs on a processor and can be connected to the internet. The collected data is handed over to the organisation via a centralised and secured web dashboard, the founder explained. 

Gautam Gambhir said the FYI team had been working around the clock for several weeks to build, test, and mobilise the FYI Health Post.

Businesses need to resume and the need of the hour is solutions that can help them do so by complying with regulations, and ensuring that the health of their employees is not compromised,” he said.

Before FYI Health Post, the startup had launched the FYI Health App, which allows enterprises and businesses to enable a daily health check-in for their employees and visitors with secure contact tracing.

Business and more

After today’s launch, enterprises can order the machine from the healthtech startup’s official website. The FYI Health Post is available at an introductory price of Rs 74,900, excluding taxes, across India.

Yash said the healthtech startup can at present develop up to 100 units of the FYI Health Post per day. The product parts are outsourced from across India and assembled in house. FYI Health currently has a 12-member team.

Gambhir said one of the main reasons he invested in FYI Health was the fact that the products were completely Made in India. “The Prime Minister has been very vocal about local, and I believe a lot of consumers look at and promote Indian products. I feel this solution will get a lot of support.” 

Taking the fight to coronavirus, several startups such as Invento Robotics, TRU-V, LimelightIT, and Log 9 Materials among others have come up with solutions offering disinfection, sanitisation, and contactless tracking of body temperature and mask detection.

The Indian healthcare industry has been fighting the COVID-19 pandemic from the frontlines this year. The lockdown has accelerated digitisation in the healthcare space with telemedicine becoming the new normal. A recent report by healthtech startup Practo revealed that five crore Indians opted for online healthcare in between March and May, a 500 percent growth in online healthcare consultations.

Yash said FYI Health Post has an edge over the others as it “provides all solutions via one machine”. He added that the market needed more innovations to meet the demand, and new players would help the sector grow. FYI Health declined to disclose its initial investment and funding details.

What does the future hold? “As a company, our vision is not just to build one product and promote it. We have a few products in the pipeline, including a B2C model and a mini version of the Post, which will be a sanitising machine,” Yash said.

(Edited by Teja Lele Desai)