[Jobs roundup] Work with B2B marketplace Jumbotail with these openings

Jumbotail, a wholesale online marketplace for local kirana stores, is looking for candidates to fill in various roles. If you wish to work with the startup, here are a few job openings.

Reports suggest the retail industry in India has emerged as one of the most dynamic and fast-paced industries due to the entry of several new players. According to the India Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF), the retail industry is expected to reach $1.1 trillion by 2020.

However, a majority of the retail sector today is unorganised and is made up of the kirana stores. Tapping into the opportunity to organise the sector is Bengaluru-based Jumbotail.

Started in 2015 by Ashish Jhina and S Karthik Venkateswaran, Jumbotail is an online wholesale marketplace for food and grocery, targeted at wholesale buyers. It helps the retailers have an efficient channel of sourcing and selling its products.

Ashish Jhina and S Karthik Venkateswaran

The startup today claims to have helped over 25,000 kiranas in getting their inventory right through technology, data science, and design.

At present, Jumbotail is looking for candidates at all levels who are looking to work with some of the smartest minds, driven by a sense of purpose, and who wish to leave a legacy in their respective domains and among their professional fraternity.

If you wish to work for the startup, YourStory lists some job openings for you.

Product Manager

Experience needed: 2 years

As a product manager, the candidate is expected to address and solve the customers needs and problems by collaborating with the engineering and business teams. The candidate will be accountable for products and business metrics, where they will be required to deliver good customer experience through data backed decisions. They also need to open up new possibilities to their customers and partners through their vision, creativity, and business skills, and should be able to own a minimum of one product of the company on its web, mobile, or other platforms.

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Front end engineer (UI)

Experience needed: 3-5 years

The candidate will be a part of Jumbotail's core team to design and develop its marketplace platforms from scratch. They are required to work on building scalable, intuitive, and extensible UI for customer and seller applications, brands platform, demand generation platform, supply chain and logistics platform, credit platform and several cross platform software components.

An ideal candidate should have the knowledge of UI optimisations and performance, and should have experience in building scalable web applications using Javascript , HTML, and CSS as well as in building frameworks such as React , AngularJS etc.

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Financial Analyst

Experience needed: not specified

Jumbotail is looking for someone who can be responsible for Management Reporting and MIS. The candidate should be able to set up system and process for financial evaluation of business performance on different parameters like operating margin, net margin, ROI on different dimensions of business like brand, category, SKU level, customer level, etc. They will be working with CEO /COO / Finance Director in driving budgeting process and needs to keep track of budget Vs actual, root cause analysis for variance and suggesting corrective action.

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Merchandising Associate

Experience needed: not specified

The responsibilities of a merchandising associate at Jumbotail includes coordinating and executing merchandising campaigns across channels (app, PN, In-app, SMS, WhatsApp, pamphlets, etc.,) on a daily basis. They need to follow up with the stakeholders (category, brands, vendors) to get the campaign information and create the campaigns across various formats accordingly.

Additionally, the candidate needs to ensure  timely execution of campaigns across channels with adherence to merch guidelines at the time of launch and during the period campaign is live.

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Key Account Manager

Experience needed: 2-5 years

As an account manager at Jumbotail, the candidate is required to deliver a world-class customer experience and exceptional sales and margin growth for categories/ selection responsible. They will also be responsible for signing the right mix of selection through assigned vendors. They need to focus on pricing and demand generation and should be able to build relationship and manage vendor performance to deliver superior customer experience.

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