Miles ahead: Why this insurance plan is a sound bet to safeguard your family’s future


Today, people understand the importance of investing in health insurance. The growing cost of medical care, coupled with the rise of lifestyle diseases, has made health insurance a necessity. The gravity of the current COVID-19 pandemic has only reinforced the need for families to be covered under a good health insurance policy. Often, even in spite of being covered under health insurance, hospitalisation costs take a toll on people’s savings owing to the fine print on hidden charges, sub limits and non-coverage on priority treatments.

The myriad of insurance players, policy types, features, inclusions and limitations mean a lack of clarity on the actual benefits. All this makes the process of choosing a health insurance plan that fits the needs of a family all the more intimidating and tricky. Sometimes, this leads to people opting for an insurance plan that’s inadequate.

However, a recent offering by Reliance General Insurance has come as a breath of fresh air in the crowded health insurance market space. The Reliance Health Infinity Insurance plan does away with ambiguities and gives more benefits than just a health cover. A comprehensive health insurance plan, Health Infinity Plan offers numerous benefits to policyholders, some of which are unseen anywhere else in the industry yet. The benefits are in fact miles ahead of its competitors.

Explaining the significance of the launch of Health Infinity Plan, Rakesh Jain, ED and CEO, Reliance General Insurance, explains, "One of the primary reasons for low health insurance penetration in India is opaque policies that come with infinite terms and conditions attached. Our objective is to ensure wider coverage for the country to benefit our existing and potential customers, and we believe a strong and transparent product such as Reliance Health Infinity Insurance can definitely jump start this initiative."

He adds, "With customer centricity as one of our core ethos, we would also like to reinforce our commitment to our client base with a product that allows the customer more leeway in decision making, when amid a healthcare requirement."

Here are key aspects that make Health Infinity Plan stand apart from its peers.

Flexible to the changes in the family dynamics

Available for policyholders aged between 18 and 65 years, the policy covers a family of upto eight members on a floater basis. In addition, policyholders are allowed to add dependent children aged between 91 days and 25 years; giving families the flexibility to add the new members. In cases where the family has lost a member or is no longer eligible for the coverage, then other members of the family can continue with the same plan without losing its benefits. This helps to reduce the financial burden of managing medical contingencies with the change in the family dynamics. In addition, with a policy term of one, two and three years and sum insured options ranging between Rs. 3 lakh to Rs. 1 crore, there is a lot of scope for families to choose an investment that works for them financially.

More cover, more time, more global

What makes the policy unique are aspects such as extensive and longer time periods of coverage and greater accessibility. Under the Health Infinity Plan, policyholders get an additional sum insured and will also be covered for an extra period. For instance, on the Rs 3 lakh cover, policyholders can avail upto Rs 1 Lakh additional cover, while on Rs 1 crore cover, the additional cover can go upto Rs 30 lakhs.

With regards to policyholders getting covered for an additional period, the policy offers 13 months of cover for a 12-month premium and 26 month cover for a 24 month premium. These features not only provide policyholders with greater protection against unknown medical emergencies that may involve higher medical expenditure, but in many cases, it also reduces the financial strain that may come with investing in a new policy altogether. Another interesting aspect of the policy is that in certain cases, it even factors in emergency hospitalisations abroad. This provides huge relief for those who travel frequently for work or leisure.

No archaic or hidden sub-limits

A key challenge with traditional and popular health insurance plans is the prevalence of sub-limits, which is often hidden in the fine print of exclusions. The capping of the reimbursement limit for different cost-heads such as room rent causes a huge discomfort to policyholders during hospitalisation as they often have to pay hospital bills out of their own pockets. To overcome this challenge, the Health Infinity Plan for Reliance Insurances has done away with sub limits, be it for inpatient care, daycare procedures, domiciliary hospitalisation, organ donor-related expenses or for availing Ayush treatment.

Insured for all the most modern and traditional treatments

Thanks to technology, healthcare has been making great strides over the last few years. Advanced digital healthcare technologies such as artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR), 3D-printing, robotics, nanotechnology are being used in the treatment of a number of diseases today. While most health insurance policies do not cover new age treatment, the Health infinity plan fills that gap by offering co-payment for special medical treatments such as Robotic Surgery, Stem Cell therapy, Parkinson and Alzheimer's disease. This insurance plan also offers Ayush benefit, wherein all the expenses incurred are covered on treatment in a hospital under Ayurveda, Unani, Sidha and homeopathy.

Auxiliary benefits that provide additional financial backup

The Reliance Insurance Health Infinity plan also offers a number of other auxiliary benefits. This includes 90 days pre and 180 days post-hospitalisation cover, the first policy in the industry to do so, transportation benefits, restore benefits, discounts on opting for voluntary co-payment, and discounts on premiums among others. All of which provide the much needed additional financial backup in times of a medical emergency.

Be ‘more’ financially equipped to deal with medical contingencies

With a multitude of benefits and its focus on transparency, the Reliance Health Infinity makes it easier for families to insure the health of their families and tackle health contingencies that may come their way without worrying about a dent to their finances. The unique benefits, such as the additional cover, extensive pre and post-hospitalisation cover, restore benefits, coverage for special treatments, no hidden sub limits, discounts on voluntary co-payment and other discounts for the policyholders, gives many reasons to choose Reliance Health Infinity policy. Additionally, Reliance’s Insurance transparent settlement systems and strong customer support make it easy for customers to avail varied covers.

See how you can get a complete cover for you and your family to tackle unexpected medical emergencies.


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