The role of a 6-yr-old in a $300 million deal

Bengaluru-based learning unicorn Byju's recently acquired Mumbai-based startup WhiteHat Jr. in an all-cash deal worth $300 million.

The role of a 6-yr-old in a $300 million deal 

Bengaluru-based learning unicorn BYJU'Srecently acquired Mumbai-based startup WhiteHat Jr. in an all-cash deal worth $300 million.

How Chennai climbed startup funding ladder in 2020

Chennai rising high on startup funding ladder

As Indian startups raise $4.16 billion in equity in the first six months of 2020, trends show that COVID-19 has pushed investors to look for promising startups in less explored territories.

Bringing a second ‘milk revolution’ using IoT

The founding team of Stellapps

Milktech startup Stellapps currently digitises about 10 million litres of milk every day, which directly impacts two million dairy farmers in over 28,000 villages. 

Fighting COVID-19 with Made in India ‘Go Corona’ bags

IoTfy's team

IoTfy’s GoCoopbags are enabled with UVC LED to disinfect the articles inside the bag either with a button installed on the bag or remotely operated through an app.

Implementing large scale interventions for women empowerment 

Soumya Kapoor, Head of IWWAGE. Image source: Soumya Kapoor

IWWAGE is conducting research and interventions along with government agencies like NITI Aayog, Ministry of Rural Development, and others for gender advocacy and women’s rights.

Meet Jatayu, the contactless litter picking machine 

Founded by Abhishek Shelar, Spruce Up is attempting to secure the health, safety, and dignity of over four million waste pickers in India. 

Translating skill development to entrepreneurial training

Image credit: Daisy

In India, close to 10 to 12 million people look for jobs every year. This makes it imperative for upskilling and training to co-exist with entrepreneurial training.

Enabling companies to liquidate stock

Rushikesh Bhandari and Kanchan Bhandari, Cofounders, The Purchase House

The Purchase House is an online marketplace for buying and selling of surplus stock and non-moving capital assets. 

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