[Funding alert] Actor Suniel Shetty invests in Kochi-based healthtech startup Vieroots

Founded by noted wellness evangelist and bio-hacker Sajeev Nair in 2018, Vieroots is a pioneer in personalised lifestyle management using epigenetic science.

Bollywood stalwart Suniel Shetty has invested an undisclosed amount in Vieroots Wellness Solutions Pvt Ltd (VWS) at an estimated valuation of around Rs 100 crore.

In a media release, Suniel Shetty said,

“I could relate to the company's core values and innovative thought process in the wellness category hence the decision to invest.

he added that, “Vieroots sees a world where people live long, healthy, and fulfilling lives by taking charge of their own bodies and minds. They offer a happy synergy between modern sciences, technology and age-old wellness concepts thereby bringing forth innovations long awaited in the wellness industry. Their key brand element is the continuum which depicts the regeneration and regression of life. I am positive that my association with the brand will boost its prospects.”

Actor, producer, and investor Suniel Shetty.

Founded by noted wellness evangelist and bio-hacker Sajeev Nair in 2018, Vieroots is a Kochi-based healthtech startup and pioneer in personalised lifestyle management using epigenetic science. It also claims to provide world-class research-based products and services for people who aspire to live healthy and productive lives, with specific focus on productive aging. 

Epigenetic lifestyle modification is a three-step method which includes Viegenome test, Vieroots app - Epilimo and a detailed personalised lifestyle modification plan. Through this process, the user gets information on all diseases that they may have inherited from their ancestors. This information aids in helping the user modify their lifestyle to avert the possible dangers to their health. 

According to the company, Viegenome test is a comprehensive genetic predisposition test to analyses more than 200 different health parameters. The epigenetic lifestyle modification mobile app, ‘Epilimo’, is a user-friendly next-generation health and wellness ecosystem converging genetics with AI and robotics and provides a geno-metabolic report, the firm added.

Vieroots’ medical and genetic experts create a personalised wellness management plan based on the user's genetics and metabolism. Reacting to the funding news, Sajeev Nair, Chairman and Chief Mentor, Vieroots, said, 

“We are thrilled to welcome Mr Suniel Shetty on board to drive the live long and grow young movement which is a critical juncture for the wellness industry. We feel that the market has huge prospects to get bigger amidst the looming health uncertainties. Co-morbidity causing lifestyle diseases and pandemics tell us to place more emphasis on disease prevention, and enhance the community’s herd immunity.”

Suniel Shetty’s other investments include FTC, India’s first online talent and casting platform, the fitness app FITTR that raised $2 million from Sequoia Capital in a pre-Series A Funding in April 2020, and Sai Estate Management and Skills Institute’s (SEMSI) curated online platform offering online courses and certifications in real estate, sales, and marketing.

Suniel’s startup Beardo, a range of men’s grooming products, had raised $0.5 million from Venture Catalyst followed by approximately $8-10 million from Marico Ltd.

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