From funding to technology, AWS Founder's Pack is essential to a startup's growth

To support potential and new founders with the right framework and help solve some of their biggest challenges, YourStory Academy and AWS have collaborated with India’s top investors, technology leaders, and entrepreneurs to create India’s most definitive course on building and scaling a startup.

India has one of the largest startup ecosystems in the world, with several thousands of firms relentlessly working across multiple fields to propel their and their country’s growth story forward. 

But for any new startup founder, or even aspiring ones, the whole gamut of challenges of the ecosystem can be a little overwhelming. It’s one thing to have a scalable, unique and a disruptive idea, but founders and budding businessmen have often found themselves unable to resolve challenges simply because they lack a formal, structured learning mechanism that mentors them and makes them industry-ready. 

To support potential and new founders with the right framework and help solve some of their biggest challenges, YourStory Academy and AWS have created the most comprehensive and conclusive course on building and scaling a startup with inputs from India’s top investors and entrepreneurs. 

The first digital offering of its kind, AWS Founder’s Pack, in association with AWS, offers an immersive learning program that takes participants through the core fundamentals of fundraising, entrepreneurship, and building technology for scale with real-world, practical examples and learnings from people who have been there and done that.  

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What’s in store for you?

The programme will feature well-known industry experts ranging from Mohandas Pai, CRED’s Kunal Shah, InMobi’s Naveen Tewari to YourStory Founder and CEO Shradha Sharma and RainMaker Group’s Kashyap Chanchani, helping you with insights about the startup scenario in India and how to navigate in different circumstances. 

As a participant, you will expand your knowledge base around a plethora of concepts revolving around three main sections — entrepreneurship, funding and technology, along with some bonus elements of an investors’ list, case studies, tech resources from AWS and other curated resources. 

Breaking down the curriculum

Under the entrepreneurship section, the curriculum would include learning about the entrepreneurial mindset, understanding the market, the elements of business structure and compliance, branding and positioning the business and aspects such as pricing and distribution and integrated marketing. 

The funding segment of this program will help entrepreneurs understand whether they are ready to raise funds, the various methods to pitch and woo investors, knowing the art and science behind valuations, knowing all about legalities, term sheets and transaction documents as well as insights from venture capitalists regarding fund-raising activity. 

One cannot operate a startup without the right technological infrastructure and the scope to consistently upgrade it for better revenues. The third section of the program squarely focuses on this aspect. These sessions will be curated by the best expert in the tech space — AWS. They will focus on helping startups understand the importance of cloud solutions and building them for startups. These sessions will exclusively be held by AWS Solution Architects. In other words — you will be learning how to grow your startup by the best voices from the startup ecosystem.

AWS Founder’s Pack will not only help new and budding entrepreneurs. Established names in the ecosystem can also benefit by gaining insights of a formal, academic structure on building and sustaining your startups.

What’s more?

Apart from these, a founder can get exclusive interviews with startup leaders, templates of business documents, curated resources such as e-books, reports etc. case studies, templates for emails and pitch deck and the India Investor List 2020. AWS will also be your go-to partner for any tech-related resources to help you have the right technological solutions. 

Participants also get to try out new and innovative technology solutions built on AWS that will help startups to improve operational efficiency, increase agility and expand reach to new customers. This comes with exciting offers from partner ISVs such as $10,000 in credits on Freshworks products, $10,000 worth of CleverTap usage credits, discounts on enterprise packages by moengage and CX consultations by Simplify360, complimentary EPIC Prepaid Cards by Happay, and much more. 

Being part of AWS Founder’s Pack gives you a unique opportunity to utilise the benefits of the otherwise exclusive AWS Capital Connect program. Here, AWS invites high potential early stage startups looking to raise capital to participate in an investor connect program and help you connect with relevant VC investors and raise capital. The program also enables the VCs in getting early access to a curated list of high quality startups for making investments. Upon understanding the business model better, AWS shortlists a select group of startups and based on a 2-way opt-in, connects them with relevant investors.

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