[Jobs roundup] Work with Facebook-backed Meesho with these openings

Meesho raised nearly $220 million in the last five years from marquee investors, including Naspers, YCombinator, and Shunwei Capital, among others. The social commerce platform has now come up with a few openings that might excite you.

It was an incidental meeting with a few small business owners who had discovered the power of social platforms in starting up and scaling their business that led to the inception of Meesho. Co-founders Vidit Aatrey and Sanjeev Barnwal quickly realised that this is how small businesses will work in the future, and built a product to democratise the social commerce space.

Founded in 2015, Meesho provides potential entrepreneurs with a virtual shop, who otherwise would find it difficult to start a business. It is building a disruptive distribution channel via social selling on WhatsApp, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

Meesho founders: Sanjeev Barnwal (left) and Vidit Aatrey

So far, Meesho has enabled 15,000 suppliers and two million resellers to start and grow their online business without any investment, providing tools around sourcing, logistics, and payments. These social sellers are small retailers, housewives, students, retired citizens, and many other aspiring entrepreneurs across India. 

Last year, the US-based social media giant Facebook invested in Meesho. It was the first investment made by the Mark Zuckerberg-founded company in an Indian startup.

Meesho has raised $220 million in the last five years from marquee investors, including Naspers, Y Combinator, SAIF, Sequoia Capital, Shunwei Capital, RPS, and Venture Highway.

If you wish to work with the social commerce platform, here are a few job openings that might excite you.

Category Manager

Experience needed: 3+ years

As a Category Manager, the candidate is required to drive the marketplace growth of relevant categories, keeping in mind the consumer and the competition. They will be owning the profit and loss statement for the relevant categories in alignment with business goals. They will also be responsible for revenue targets, gross margins, as well as for merchandising, assortment planning, option planning pre-season and in-season to ensure a thorough representation of their category.

Additionally, the company requires the candidate to be able to coordinate with marketing, supply chain, cataloguing, finance, commercial, and other functions of the organisation.

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Operations Design Manager

Experience needed: NA

The key responsibility of the candidate is the demand and supply planning for fast pace growth and multi-layered operations. They need to build strategies for effective vendor development and management, as well as maintain benchmarks, and ensure adherence of vendors to the agreed-upon metrics and cost. They also need to provide operational support and guidance to ensure maximum productivity, and collaborate with other departments to identify vulnerabilities and close operational gaps.

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Senior Front-end Developer

Experience needed: 3-7 years

The social commerce platform is looking for someone who can equally relish the subtle interaction details that makes the product delightful, the hard-technical challenges involved in making a desktop-grade web app, writing highly reusable code, and thinking about how to build better systems. 

The candidate is required to build user interfaces that are beautiful, consistent, and fast, that thrive under heavy customisation and varying use cases, that encourage exploration, and earn the trust of the customers through predictable, reliable, and thoughtful interactions.

They are required to take sole ownership of their products, and should keep a keen eye out for bugs that might arise, passionately resolve them, and make feature additions to the product. They need to also ensure the technical feasibility of UI/UX designs.

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Business Finance Manager

Experience needed: 3-6 years

As a Business Finance Manager, the candidate will be an acting CEO or CFO of a business unit. Their role is very critical to the organisation as they will be driving and identifying the gaps in the P&L of a business unit, directly impacting the organisation revenue and growth.

The candidates will have to work closely with the business unit and actively participate in its operations and management. They are also responsible to review the plans as compared to actuals on a regular basis, in-depth analysis of variance and communicating the same proactively, create right visibility, and enable planning of actionable.

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Head of Information Technology

Experience needed: 10 years

The candidate is required to lead infrastructure operations management, including network, server, centre infrastructure, end-user support, asset management, IT infra management and IT security compliance, call centre, and data centre operations. They will also be responsible for all aspects of physical DC operations across all data centres, as well as for maintaining network hardware and software, including servers, voice, PDA's, peripherals, network nodes, terminals, and wiring.

Apart from this, the candidate is required to coordinate with third-party maintenance for network hardware, software, and telecommunications services, and is accountable for the procurement and maintenance of software/hardware assets.

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