Lessons from Indian startups on crisis communication; Story of Surat-based Shahlon Group

Communication plays a very important role in times like the current pandemic. From one small textile unit, Shahlon Group grew to a Rs 382 Cr business.

The story of textile biz Shahlon Group

Dhirajlal Shah (left), Chairman and Arvind Shah (right), Managing Director, Shahlon

In 1984, three brothers started a small textile manufacturing business named Shahlon in Surat. Today, it is a leading textiles enterprise with Rs 382 crore turnover.

Quirking up your sock drawers

Purvi, Founder of Mint and Oak

Mint and Oak is an online socks brand based out of Mumbai that makes socks for men. Currently bootstrapped, the startup has sold over 10,000 pairs of socks over the last year.

Lessons in crisis communications

Here’s why communication plays a very important role in times like the current pandemic and what startup founders need to do to communicate effectively.

How TiE Delhi-NCR is helping entrepreneurs

Despite the setbacks due to coronavirus lockdowns, here’s how TiE Delhi-NCR has helped startups cope and succeed during the pandemic.

How poor after-sales service led to Onsitego

Onsitego began in 2010 with one idea: a pick-and-drop service for repairing mobile devices and laptops. Today, it has metamorphosed into a customer service startup.

Funding by Bengaluru startups amidst COVID-19

Image Source: Shutterstock

Despite the gloom and doom, here is a list of 10 startups from Bengaluru that managed to thrive amidst the COVID-19 pandemic by raising funds.

What post-COVID-19 workspaces will look like

As the economy opens up after lockdown, people cannot wait to return to their workplaces. But, it may not be as easy as it seems.

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