‘Digitisation has become a necessity and a question of survival’– 20 quotes of the week on tech transformation

From digital change to Digital India, this series of quotes from the week of August 10-16 captures the tech impacts sweeping across the world.

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Before the coronavirus pandemic, we were seeing IoT as a convenience, but now the technology is seen as compliance and trust in the ‘contactless’ world. - Arpit Chhabra, IoTfy

We are seeing a tectonic shift and message-based ordering is the norm. Small stores can benefit from this development. - Raghu Ravinutala, Yellow Messenger

The ease and comfort of being able to compare mattress types, designs, prices, and delivery options online are making people shift towards online shopping. - K Madhavan, PepsiCo

AI needs to be utilised across different sectors to cohesively address the massive global air pollution problem facing humanity. - Madhusudan Anand, Ambee

Scrubbing things clean is one of the most hated household chores, and eats up a huge amount of time. - Hannan Hakim, Skadu

The RBI’s recent announcement of offline payments in retail will be a game-changer. Transit can play a pivotal role as it can drive very fast consumer acquisition and habit change from cash to tap and pay. - Vineet Toshniwal, CityCash

In the next two to three years, every family will have at least one smartphone. That will be a game-changer for digital platforms,making technology accessible to farmers. - Sachin Nandwana, BigHaat

Digital India is for digital inclusion. Unless the common man has a stake in Digital India, it will not succeed. - Ravi Shankar Prasad, Union Minister of Communications

Every Indian will be given a health ID, which will work as each Indian's health account. - PM Narendra Modi

When the COVID-19 lockdown started, one of the first notifications of the lockdown mentioned e-pharmacy as an essential service for the nation. While the sector is still not regulated, the debate about the legality is now over. - Prashant Tandon, 1MG

The need of the hour for the bus corporations is to provide cashless, contactless, and COVID-safe travel experience to the consumers by adapting technology at a rapid pace. - Vineet Toshniwal, CityCash

For years, MSMEs have continued to operate in cash but they need to understand that going digital will help them achieve better sales. - Isha Chaudhary, CRISIL

While people are finding their balance with remote working, it is imperative to keep all the employees connected as the organisation has to work together to achieve a mutual goal. - Jay Umaria, StepSetGo

Startups that miss rapid market evolution risk disruption themselves. - Sanjay Swamy, Prime Venture Partners

Innovation can be on technology and a unique product around climate risk, agriculture, healthcare, and renewable energy. - Amit Kalra, SwissRe India

Log data is the richest source of truth an organisation has. But the fact that the amount of logs generated is huge makes it hard for companies to leverage it. - Ariel Assaraf, Coralogix

An omnichannel presence helps reinforce brand visibility and acceptability. - Vidushi Kanoria, Soxytoes

Dashboards give a quick glimpse of how the entire chain is functioning, which are the below-par areas that need to be improved upon and need immediate attention. - Ranjith Mukundan, Stellapps

You need a product that is useful and not just usable, and for that data, product thinking, and underlining tech need to be stable and foundational. - Dhruv Kapoor, Zilingo

Digitisation has become a necessity and a question of survival. - Puneet Chandok, AWS

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