How technology is playing a vital role in ecommerce furniture industry

The furniture retailing business is using Augmented Reality apps to the hilt to not just showcase their offerings in virtual stores, but also create bespoke furniture for customers from the ease of their homes.

Over the past couple of decades, the world has opened itself up to countless opportunities with the advent of internet, especially in the realm of ecommerce. The industry, in its entirety has increased and evolved to a great extent.

According to an industry report published by Indian Brand Equity Foundation, the ecommerce revenue in India is projected to increase from USD 39 billion (2017) to USD 120 billion (2020); growing at 51 per cent annual rate, touted to be the highest in the world.

Online shopping and the online retail industry in particular have seen advancement due to technological developments such as cloud space and artificial intelligence, further accelerating the growth of ecommerce in India.

Moreover, the current Covid-19 pandemic has proven how vital this industry is for all stakeholders involved by navigating difficult situations through innovative technological advancements.

The IBEF report further states that the Indian ecommerce industry is expected to outrank the United States as world’s second largest ecommerce market by 2034, driven by hyper-local logistics, digital payments, digital advertisements, and analytics-based customer engagement.

The same technology has modified our way of living too as we hardly need to step out of our home to buy anything, from basic groceries to complex purchase of furniture. With everything available at the tap of a finger and delivered in seemingly lightning speed, the ecommerce furniture industry is witnessing changes in the buying behaviour of customers as well.

A report published by Research and Markets says that technological advancements such as high-speed internet (4G, 5G) and increasing usage of smart gadgets are some of the key factors driving the growth of e-retail in India.

Consequently, these have also allowed customers to browse and buy furniture online via various different online platforms.

Let us further explore how technology has become an important aspect in driving the growth of ecommerce furniture industry in India.

Customisation and personalisation

With the help of the technology, personalisation and customisation came very easily to ecommerce retailers, tailoring the furniture according to needs of every customer. For any business, it is important to develop long-lasting relations in order to build customer loyalty over the years and further create a robust market reputation.

Today, customers demand unique, mechanical chic furniture and this can be made possible through personalisation. They are vocal and clear about their needs and wants, which makes it easier for the manufacturer to understand and offer customised furniture that meets their needs.

Better communication via interactive technology

Along the lines of customisation, technological advancements such as interactive applications allow customers to change the finish, size, styles, colours, types of fronts, handles, or countertops to transform their traditional décor setting into modern homes.

Technologies in ecommerce furniture industry have also played a vital role in mending the relationship between customers and supplier/manufacturer/retailer.

Augmented reality

People have always been engrossed in online shopping, regardless of the pandemic. Therefore, to further improve overall buying experience for customers, companies have come up with augmented reality to experience the joy of furniture shopping safely from the comfort of home.

Several ecommerce furniture platforms in India have managed to encourage customers to explore online spaces by offering almost realistic experience of offline stores without the hassle of physically being there.

Virtual consultation

Some ecommerce furniture platforms these days schedule ‘in-home’ virtual consultations for customers with furniture experts so as to understand the former’s needs and figure out what actually works for them and their house.

Apart from convenience, such consultations also allow people to actually enjoy the whole furniture-buying experience even before it is delivered to their door step.

With changing times, trends, and constantly evolving technologies, it has become vital for businesses to adapt and adopt new innovations to keep up with customer needs.

Therefore, it can be safely concluded that technology certainly plays a vital role in ecommerce furniture industry to deliver wholesome, interactive customer experience.

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