#TheNationGetsToKnow: Arnab Goswami's candid interview; Inside India's data-led green revolution

Arnab Goswami on taking on the "Goliaths" in the media industry, facing criticism for his style of journalism, and more.

#TheNationGetsToKnow Arnab Goswami

Arnab Goswami on taking on the "Goliaths" in the media industry, facing criticism for his style of journalism, and more.

India's data-led green revolution

Agritech startups are working to enhance crop output, increase farmer incomes, better farm management, and drive efficiencies.

A cloud-native ERP for the car industry

Tekion founder Jay Vijayan

Tech startup Tekion, founded by Jay Vijayan, wants to redefine how software is being used by the automotive industry.

WOW Co-founder on building a brand

WOW Skin Science Co-founder Manish Chowdhary

Bengaluru-based consumer-internet brand WOW Skin Science’s revenue has jumped a whopping 18 times over the last four years.

Building an interior designing firm

Interior designer Sushmita Singh

Interior designer-entrepreneur Sushmita Singh started up twice, making an average revenue of Rs 10 crore every four to five years.

Using conversational AI to drive sales

Surga Thilakan - Co-founder of Salesken

AI startup SalesKen offers sales teams real-time insights and cues to gauge customer sentiment and improve conversions.

Empowering children with quality education

Biplab Das started NGO Kishalay Foundation to implement various interventions in early education in the Sundarbans.

Paramount Surgimed clocks Rs 50 Cr turnover

Shaily Grover, Founder, Paramount Segimed Pvt Ltd.

Started in 1993, Paramount Surgimed launched additional production lines to manufacture three-ply and N95 masks amidst COVID-19.

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