ICT startup CWD Innovations designs wearable to monitor body temperature amidst COVID-19

Information and communications technology startup CWD Innovations helps monitor body temperature with wireless wearable device SmartTemp+ to allow early intervention amidst COVID-19 pandemic.

Prevention is better than cure, goes an old adage. And numerous startups are working round the clock to ensure early detection and intervention to curb the spread of COVID-19.

Mumbai-based information and communications technology (ICT) startup CWD Innovation Private Limited is looking to help users to keep a check on body temperature through its wireless wearable device, SmartTemp+, a continuous temperature monitoring system.

Founded in 2016 by Siddhartha Xavier and Tejas Kothari, CWD (stands for Connected Wireless Devices) Innovations aims to design, develop, and sell integrated solutions combining software and electronics.

The startup is involved in consumer electronics, medical devices, and design and development of technology solutions for various enterprises and businesses. Products designed and developed by CWD focus on wireless technologies, on short- or long-range communications. 

Speaking about their product, Siddhartha, Director and Co-founder, says a rise in body temperature has been the primary indicator of many underlying infections and ailments.

“While many conventional devices like mercury or digital thermometers provide only instantaneous temperatures, SmartTemp+, equipped with advanced clinical-grade sensors and wireless technology, provides continuous, accurate body temperature,” he says.

He adds that CWD Innovations is trying to use wireless connected device technology to help healthcare professionals for early intervention in the time of the pandemic where “a fever is usually a sign that the body is trying to fight an illness or infection.” 

CWD Innovations was founded in 2016 by Siddhartha Xavier and Tejas Kothari with an aim to design, develop, and sell integrated solutions combining software and electronics. [ Image Credit: CWD Innovations]

Innovating to fight crisis

Prior to launching CWD, Siddhartha headed the technology device group of Reliance Communications, from 2000 until 2011. Tejas is a serial entrepreneur with over 19 years of experience in smart devices sales and distribution, and was responsible for executing national-level infrastructure projects for RCOM & RJIO. Earlier, he was also responsible for end-to-end backend execution of ecommerce players such as Naaptol, Indiatimes shopping, and Snapdeal.

Siddhartha says the startup is looking to develop new products that can help society and also push the boundaries of application of communication technologies

“We wanted to launch SmartTemp+ due to the obvious situation the world has been in since late 2019. Today, everywhere you go, what is the first interaction you have with anyone? Your body temperature is measured. After interactions with medical experts, we realised that the most accurate, non-invasive way of obtaining body temperature reading is at the left axillary (below your armpit) area. Hence, we came up with a continuous body temperature monitor that serves exactly this purpose, but 24/7,” he adds.

The co-founder explains that SmartTemp+ is a 3cm diameter wearable device, which needs to be attached to the patient’s axial area. The device can be worn for more than 15 days for continuous monitoring of body temperature, and has a high accuracy temperature sensor and wireless protocol, which transmits temperature data every five minutes.

The device needs to be integrated with the CWD mobile application, or a specially designed receiver to receive the temperature data and store it in the cloud. The SmartTemp+ system also includes a central database and cloud ecosystem, which will share the data with health authorities along with all the historical analysis, if needed, for any specific patient or the community.

Siddhartha clarifies that SmartTemp+ is not only for COVID patients but “for anyone and everyone who wishes to track their body temperature and take preventive action to fight COVID”.

The device can be important, especially for children and the elderly, as it makes early intervention and prevention possible. 

“We also have a few other products lined up in the healthtech segment. We’re not centring ourselves on the pandemic but looking at healthcare as a vertical we can really excel in,” the co-founder says.

SmartTemp+ is equipped with advanced clinical-grade sensors and wireless technology for providing continuous, accurate body temperature. [ Image Credit: CWD Innovations]

Business and more

The co-founder declines to share pricing details, but says SmartTemp+ will be soon available for purchase on ecommerce platforms and OTC businesses (chemists, pharmacists).

The startup claims to have been working with companies, including Reliance Jio, Tata, and Godrej, for its communication technology. 

“We have seen 250 percent Y-o-Y growth in revenues in the past three years. The ongoing pandemic led to logistic delays, but we have got back up to speed,” Siddharth says.

CWD faces stiff competition from other players in the ICT sector such as Raytac Corp (Taiwan), U-blox (Swiss), Telit (UK), Laird Connectivity (UK), and Laipac Technology (Canada).

Several startups are innovating to offer temperature monitoring solutions to fight the COVID-19 crisis.

Chennai-based HELYXON has developed an AI-based biosensor wearable device, 98.6 Fever Watch, which continuously monitors body temperature digitally and alerts medical professionals about any abnormal spike.

Speaking about future plans ahead, Siddharth says CWD Innovations is looking to raise capital of $5 million. “We aim to clock in Rs 300 crore in revenue in three years and achieve unicorn status,” he says.

“We don’t want to be a company whose relationship ends when the product is sold. We want to build a platform for each of our products that customers can use to monitor their health, control their smart homes,” he adds.

(Edited by Teja Lele Desai)