Best of Weekender: Chatting with Indian Matchmaking’s Pradhyuman Maloo and trying ice cream flavours like Cherry bubble gum, Jamun sorbet

This weekend, get up close and personal with Indian Matchmaking's Pradhyuman Maloo and beatboxer Divyansh Kacholia. Also, learn about unusual ice cream flavours and find out how you can trim your waistline before the festive season.

Who comes to mind when we talk about a charming man on a docu-reality show who supposedly rejected 150 proposals because he couldn’t find the right match? You’re right if you guessed Pradhyuman Maloo, the jewellery entrepreneur who captivated us in Netflix series Indian Matchmaking.

Pradhyuman Maloo

Apart from being an entrepreneur, Pradhyuman is also a water baby – he’s passionate about scuba diving and ocean conservation, and has gone diving in the Philippines, Egypt, Maldives, and Thailand. He also enjoys experimenting with cooking; the recipes he dished up on set went viral after the release of the show.

Don't miss our interaction with Pradhyuman where he talks about his jewellery business, his views on arranged marriages, and what he thinks of India’s most popular matchmaker, Sima Taparia.

Divyansh Kacholia

Beatboxing, the art of mimicking drum machines, is a musical style used primarily in hip-hop. The techniques are based on the vocal imitation of percussion sounds.

It is a skill that requires an incredible amount of control over the vocal cords and breathing. So when Divyansh Kacholia started beatboxing at the age of 13 years in his hometown, Jaipur, and learnt this rare skill, he soon became one of the top Indian folk beatboxers in India.

Read all about Divyansh’s journey as talks about how he got into beatboxing and performing live for Shah Rukh Khan.

Losing weight is all about making mindful choices

If there is one part of the body that most of us would like to be free of fat, and in perfect shape, it’s definitely the belly area. Nicknames like 'spare tyre', 'muffin top' and 'beer belly' aren't exactly words that a person enjoys hearing!

A strong determination, mindful choices, and a good push is all you need to make all your dreams for a slim waistline come true. Don’t let social distancing and the fact that gyms and fitness centres allow restricted entry deter you from your fitness goals.

Follow these tips from well-known dietitian Sheela Krishnaswamy on how to look good and knock off all that extra weight.

Emoi's Tuk Tuks deliver ice creams at multiple locations

Emoi Artisanal Ice Cream founded by Anant Verma was created for the sole purpose of bringing ice cream lovers an ‘excuse’ to enjoy their favourite dessert.

From cold chocolate fudge, jamun sorbet, red velvet, cold coffee, and cherry bubblegum to double chocolate mousse sticks that come in visually appealing shapes like hearts, paws, smileys, and twisties, there is something for everyone on their menu.

Inspired by his travels abroad and his love for delicious ice cream, Anant wanted to bridge the gap in India, and create an artisanal ice cream brand that not only appealed to the Indian audience, through the use of locally sourced ingredients but was also packed with rich flavours.  And Emoi was born in 2017.

Check out what Anant has to say about their unique flavours, their one-of-a-kind popsicle shapes, going vocal for local, and their signature Tuk Tuks that carry ice creams to multiple locations.

Maverick & Farmer brews special flavours of coffee

Whether you love your coffee blitzed to cold perfection or brewed hot and delicious in your percolator, it is the drink that gives you a happy buzz through the day. But, with time, people wanted more from their coffee. Some wanted it freshly roasted, a few liked it strong and black, while others wanted nutty, sweet, and tropical flavours in their brews.

Over the years, coffees have been created and developed to suit every palate, from house blends to different degrees of roasting.

Maverick & Farmer Coffee Roasters started operations in 2018, founded by three passionate coffee entrepreneurs — Sreeram G, Tej Thammaiah, and Ashish D’abreo.

Don’t miss our interaction with Ashish as he tells us about the company’s latest flavours and the USP of the brand.

Vivek Bindra

Is your real-life hero Ratan Tata? Do you hate wasting time? Is your favourite journey the journey of self-discovery?

If yes, meet Vivek Bindra, Founder and CEO, Bada Business, who feels the same way.

Bada Business was launched to help small and medium enterprises scale up their businesses and grow. The edtech platform offers digital educational courses and business lessons to arm small and aspiring entrepreneurs with the requisite knowledge and skills to run businesses effectively.

Vivek believes his motto, ‘Change your mindset and situations will change themselves for you’, is the best maxim to stay positive during these trying times.

Don’t miss Vivek's responses to our Proust questionnaire where he talks about his greatest loves, regrets, heroes, and much more.

Edited by Teja Lele Desai