How Stanza Living is leaving #NoRoomForError when it comes to safety and hygiene in a post-COVID world


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We live in times where our daily routines are guided by a heightened need to ensure the safety of our loved ones and ourselves. From what we consider an essential consumption need, to how it is delivered – everything is guided as much by hygiene-concerns as cost of access. Under quarantine, the places we live in have become the epicentres of our lives, so it’s important to check if our daily touchpoints are hygienic and safe .

Take the case of a typical rental space. Whether you are in a local PG/hostel serviced by a dedicated tiffin vendor or in an independent house, supported by a bevy of shared house-help (cook, maid, delivery person, etc.), you will worry whether hygiene standards are being maintained? Are you vulnerable to infection spread due to exposure to so many outsiders? What should you do to ensure your lifestyle services aren’t impacted, that you have the right infrastructure to continue studying/working remotely and that you are safe and secure?

Today, we find ourselves re-examining the smallest things about the way we live! This is where professionally managed accommodation providers have the edge with their high-quality, branded living experience. Built around ease of access, comfort and safety, these providers are innovating and adapting to ensure rental living evolves with consumer needs.

Here's how Stanza Living, India’s largest managed accommodation player, is redefining the concept of rental living.

Hygiene-led SOPs from the very first point of entry:

At a Stanza Living residence, visitors will notice that thermal screening measures have been instituted at the gates across residences for the team and the residents’ benefit. The first check is done with handheld thermal guns and special equipment to ensure that staff, residents or visitors entering the premises are not unwell. Further facilitating a no-touch entry, it’s goodbye to biometric (thumbprint) scanners as personal access cards become your entry passport. Oh and don’t forget – no mask, no entry.

Mandatory thermal check and card-based entry gate procedures

Being serious about sanitisation

The next step is personal hygiene – sanitisation!

There are sanitiser dispensing devices planted at all high-frequency locations (floors, elevators, receptions, etc.) to encourage proactive hygiene. Pedal and automated dispensers have specifically been chosen to limit widespread germs-transfer through touching the same dispenser.

Pedal sanitiser dispensers for use of residents and staff

Regular housekeeping and sanitisation processes are carried out at the residences by highly-trained staff). In addition to regular cleaning, high-touch areas such as lifts, door handles and windows are frequently sanitised with industry-grade cleaning chemicals. That’s how Stanza Living residences are at the forefront of implementing best-in-class residence hygiene processes.

Multiple santization measures across residences

State-of-the art infrastructure and service delivery

The company has also introduced an industry-first contactless dining service that will be practised across every residence, beginning with sanitisation of food ingredients, to contactless cooking in FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India)-certified kitchens , to secure delivery. There is also an option to e-book meals of your choice for the next day (through the Stanza Resident App) with all meals being delivered in designated (QR coded) pre-packed, sanitised meal trays for safe consumption. Stanza Living is also undertaking food stock planning for several months, so that each residence is self-sufficient, and delivery remains uninterrupted, even in these unpredictable times.

Residents can enjoy their meals in their rooms maintaining social distancing and following health protocols. The usage of common areas – dining facilities, entertainment lounges, gyms – across buildings, has been restricted to ensure mingling happens within safety controls. Social distancing markers have been put up across each residence, to encourage strict adherence to healthcare advisories.

However, the community bonding and experience that Stanza Living is recognised for is not being compromised – it’s just moved online. From Instagram Live Music sessions to inter-residence virtual dance-offs, life at Stanza Living is adapting to the times!

And if you thought safe stay couldn’t get any better, the company offers a very comfortable remote work/remote study environment so residents don't have to compromise on their daily routines. From enterprise-grade WiFi infrastructure with dedicated bandwidth allocation and central troubleshooting to power back-ups; comfortable workstations; and delivery of timely, healthy meals – there is a 360-degree focus on making life easier.

Industry-first COVID-Combat Ready Operations:

Above all, Stanza Living continues to reimagine managed living. From practising resident-care measures to stringent hygiene protocols, from following all healthcare advisories to deploying special Quick Response Teams across 14 cities and 250+ properties – the company has a 17-point operations framework that is COVID-Combat ready.

This is in line with Stanza Living’s commitment to delivering a high-quality, fully-managed, hospitality-led product that is adaptable to consumer needs while staying ahead of the curve as a leading managed accommodation operator that offers consumer value.

At Stanza Living, there’s #NoRoomForError!


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