TiE Silicon Valley and YourStory partner for initiative to globally scale up Indian startups


TiE Silicon Valley has set up an advisory group called TiE Advisors, to help Indian startups scale and expand globally to markets like the US. YourStory is the outreach partner to help Indian founders connect to these experts in the global epicenter of the startup movement, Silicon Valley in California.

The advisors are tech and business professionals who themselves have succeeded in entrepreneurial ventures, and are motivated to help the next wave of Indian founders. The program helps founders gear up in terms of product strategy and organizational culture for the long journey of scaling up.

Advantage India

In the past few years, Indian startups have taken B2C and B2B space by storm, in sectors ranging from e-commerce to enterprise products. First-time founders paved the way earlier with companies like FlipKart, Paytm, InMobi, Freshworks, and Ola, and are now accelerating the progress of the next wave of startups.

However, such successes can be experienced on a global scale as well, as seen by the listing of over 250 Israeli companies on NASDAQ since the 1980s. US companies have also acquired dozens of Israeli startups, but Indian startups have not been as visible in the West despite their considerable talent and prowess.

“The timing is right. Indian founders have the confidence and ambition to make a global impact. Investors are recognizing this and are funding them. What the startups need is an ecosystem of support and guidance for their next stage of growth. Silicon Valley's experience in scaling globally successful companies is unmatched. That is why we at TiE Silicon Valley have taken up this challenge to help these startups.” explains B.J. Arun, President of TiE Silicon Valley.

TiE Silicon Valley

To help Indian startups scale up globally, TiE Silicon Valley is strengthening the supportive ecosystem for founders from India. Based on a rigorous screening process, startups will be selected for this leapfrog program if they have demonstrated product-market fit, gained traction and revenue, and have founders who are willing to engage in a consultative process for the long journey of scaling.

“We have recruited advisors who share our passion for helping Indian startups. They have diverse skill sets and come from diverse industries but all of them have leadership experience in companies that have scaled successfully. They are excited about this initiative and its potential to help Indian startups,” adds Venktesh Shukla, a member of the program committee and former President of TiE Silicon Valley and former Chair of TiE Global.

These experts will help founders with issues like organizational structure and culture, management and recruiting, product strategy and development, business development, go-to-market, and fundraising strategy.

Founders can contact the TiE by filling out this form. This initiative is being launched across all TiE chapters in India.

About TiE:

The entrepreneurship support organization TiE (The Indus Entrepreneurs) was started in Silicon Valley in 1992. In 1998, chapters in Boston, Los Angeles, and Seattle were started, followed by three chapters in India in 1999: in Delhi, Bengaluru, and Mumbai. There are now 61 TiE chapters in 14 countries, as well as special programs called TYE (for high school students), TiE University, and TiE Women.


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