This Benglauru-based startup is enabling businesses to grow by specialising in all things data

With its database support, consultancy and engineering services, know how GeoPITS is enabling companies to grow by creating a high-performing database environment to derive meaningful business insights at affordable costs tailor made for their requirements.

Among the many technological trends and developments of the last decade of the 21st century, Data and Data Analytics have been a cornerstone for the growth of businesses across all sectors.

According to a survey by Deloitte of senior executives of 35 companies in North America, the United Kingdom, and Asia, close to 96 percent of respondents felt that analytics will become more important to their organisations in the next three years.

Data, and the insights received from analysing it, have enabled growth across verticals and sectors, right from increasing operational efficiency to improving the effectiveness of business decisions, among other advantages.

However, the study recognised that a large amount of the data at hand is still under-utilised, and that analytical technology used by many organisations is rudimentary. Often, a strong and stable database environment is needed to facilitate these capabilities.

In today’s technology ecosystem, creating a stable database environment requires a proactive and disciplined approach in order to reap the growth benefits of analytics.

Empowering businesses with a high performing database environment

In 2017, when Thirunavukkarasu aka Thiru, was working as a Database Administrator, he realised that many companies needed to address a fundamental issue in their approach to building a strong database environment.

This was seen from the fact that companies often lacked a database expert team, used slow-running applications, outdated SQL server versions, and faced security and compliance issues, leading to large overhead expenses.

“Companies will incur higher costs when they invest directly in analytics. However, if they invest time and effort in securing the fundamentals that power Data Analytics (i.e. the right database technology), it creates a ripple effect in reducing costs and improving efficiency. It is similar to investing in qualified Technical Architects for application development early on, rather than bringing in consultants at a later stage, ” he says.

Thiru founded Geo Platinum IT Services (GeoPITS) to bring this change in approach by providing the right expertise in building a reliable, scalable and efficient database environment. Founded in 2017, its mission is to create a high-performing database environment for companies to derive meaningful business insights while keeping costs, quality and sustainability in mind.

GeoPITS provides comprehensive database services across three main aspects: 24x7 database support, managed services and consulting. The company’s experts provide round-the-clock database support, including remote database administration (DBA) support that helps companies to monitor, manage, optimise and maintain databases as per their requirements.

GeoPITS’ flagship service is its SQL Server Managed Services, which enables companies to focus on their core business with GeoPITS acting as its extended database support team.

It also has a team of cloud database experts that helps companies to maximise cloud investments and reap the true benefits of cloud adoption with reduced costs and greater efficiency.

Fulfilling business needs with the right expertise

Not every company needs managed database services right away. “When it comes to data, there is a lot of chaos today. When a new client comes onboard to make their database environment scalable and stable, the first thing we recommend is a database audit to understand where their database stands today,” Thiru says.

Virtual group picture of the core team

The auditing of databases and ensuring performance optimisation is one of the most sought after services by many businesses, given that they quickly add value to their business and offer speedy Returns on Investment (ROI).

The GeoPITS team is skilled in carrying out these performance audits and health checks. Based on the report and recommendations, its in-house team of experts then helps optimise the database environment with the most appropriate solution for the business, be it in the form of 24x7 managed services or one-time consulting.

Despite growing awareness about the benefits of cloud adoption, migrating databases to the cloud is often perceived as a difficult exercise. GeoPITS’ tried and trusted staged migration approach helps companies effectively move their database to any on premise, cloud or hybrid environment, with ease. In one instance, GeoPITS managed to migrate a company’s database and ETL packages in five months, with only two hours of downtime in the entire period.

GeoPITS also provides state-of-the-art data and engineering services for analytics and Business Intelligence (BI). These services allow companies to harness the power of their data through accurate analysis and reporting, and convert raw data into valuable data insights.

Having the right business applications and infrastructure is key to enabling growth and productivity of an organisation. To that end, GeoPITS also specialises in application redesign to empower business infrastructure with scalable software that improves key facets of an organisation enterprise.

“Now that we cover the A to Z of data, this has helped us scale and deliver as a full-stack data driven application engineering company. I think clients like us this way because we become a one-stop touchpoint for them when it comes to data,” says Thiru.

Empowering businesses by optimising all things data

With its team of 30+ in-house certified data experts and its credentials as a Certified Microsoft Silver Partner, GeoPITS has been managing 1000+ databases remotely.

The team is conversant with various technologies including Microsoft SQL Server, PowerBI, Azure Data Factory, Azure Synapse Analytics, SQL on Amazon RDS, SQL on Azure VM and more.

GeoPITS’ first client, a Multi national collaborative software company, opted for its managed services. What started as support for two database instances has now evolved into 40+ instances with database uptime maintained at 99.99 percent. The company improved its SQL transaction performance by 2X. GeoPITS also improved its turnaround time to 20 minutes, up from an hour, and average workaround time from to 30 mins, up from three hours. As a result, the company was able to execute six million transactions smoothly.

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The road ahead

Initially, GeoPITS got its first few clients when the founder reached out to some of his connections. Soon after, word spread about the quality of service delivered by the company, and as a result, GeoPITS was able to scale its services to 50+ clients across the globe, including the US, Canada, Malaysia, Australia and the UAE.

GeoPITS has been fine-tuning its offerings to further aide the growth of thieir clientbase. Re-engineering its in-house database monitoring tool so that it can be provided as a standalone offering through the Software as a Service (SaaS) model is a key initiative which the team is working on.

While MS SQL support has been the company’s forte, the team is also slowly looking to gain a foothold on multiple databases in addition to MS SQL in the next five years in order to effectively cater to the database environment needs of clients in the future.

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