[Funding alert] Gourmet Garden raises pre-series A from Incubate Fund India, Whiteboard Capital

Gourmet Garden, which produces zero contamination fruits and vegetables, plans to expand into newer cities from its current operation in Bengaluru.

Bengaluru based fruits and vegetables brand Gourmet Garden, whose produce is cultivated through its patented naturopohic farming approach, has raised an undisclosed pre-series A funding from Incubate Fund India and Whiteboard Capital.

Gourmet Garden claims its fruits and vegetables are of zero contamination with higher quality. As part of its future plans, the startup plans to expand supply and go to market partnerships along with investments in technology.

Founded by Arjun Balaji and Vishal Narayanaswamy, it has around 16,000 customers in Bengaluru, with 70 percent of the orders coming from repeat buyers. It said about a dozen farming partners are part of its platform who follow their approach of zero contamination farming.

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The startup said it plans to expand into newer cities such as Chennai, Mumbai, and Delhi.

Gourmet Garden co-founder Arjun Balaji said, “Fruits and vegetables is the single largest consumer spend area in the country but quality of supply has always been challenged.”

According to him, there are several challenges in delivering high quality fruits and vegetables as there were challenges in traceable zero-contamination produce and providing a consistent supply.

Vishal Narayanaswamy, co-founder, Gourmet Garden said, “Our patented naturoponic farming approach is the most capital and carbon efficient among other similar models.”

According to the startup, its fruits and vegetables are cultivated in soil-less environment with zero contamination ingredients like water, seeds, etc. Also, these produce are harvested just in time which ensures the quality of the produce.

Incubate Fund India founder & general partner Nao Murakami said, “Gourmet Garden's approach is very much beneficial to both sides of the supply chain, consumer and farmers.”

Gourmet Garden plugs into a very important consumer need, specially in the post-Covid world, where quality and traceability of fresh produce isn’t a luxury any more.” said Anshu Prasher, General Partner, Whiteboard Capital.


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