With Geojit’s Smartfolios, investing in stocks has never been this seamless


India is a country of savers. In fact, studies show that only 2 percent of Indians invest in stocks. Why? Primary reasons include a lack of trust in the stock markets due to multiple scams, a sense of security in traditional investments, financial illiteracy, no appetite for risk, lack of expert guidance, fear of losing money, fear of being cheated by financial advisors, and so on. Cumulatively, this affects investors’ earning capabilities and the benefits that they can reap in the long run.

That being said, in the current circumstances where the overall economy is experiencing a downturn, more millennials are looking for alternative sources of income and/or investments to ensure a degree of financial security. Recognising this growing interest in investment by millennials, Geojit Financial Services is catering to them through their flagship product Smartfolios.

Leading investment services company in India

Geojit is a 33-year old firm with a wide portfolio of savings and investment solutions. The company is backed by prominent shareholders BNP Paribas, C J George - Founder and Managing Director of Geojit, Kerala State Industrial Development Corporation (KSIDC) and veteran investor Rakesh Jhunjhunwala.

A trendsetter and pioneer in the capital markets, in 2000, they became the first stockbroker in the country to offer internet trading by integrating a bank payment gateway. They were also the first company in India to launch trading through mobile devices in the year 2010.

Geojit has a strong presence in the Middle East region (UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain) via joint ventures and partnerships. They have over 10,56,800 clients, 464 global offices and assets under custody and management worth over Rs 37,000 crore. The firm has a growing presence in all the major states in India as well.

Making investing a cakewalk

Geojit offers a wide range of products and services, from equities, derivatives, currency futures, custody accounts, mutual funds, life insurance and general insurance, e-insurance to IPOs, portfolio management services, property services, margin trading and loans against shares.

With an aim to make investing easy for those who want to enter the stock market, they have launched their flagship product Smartfolios. This is the perfect platform where equity investments meet intelligence through an expert-guided, data-driven approach, which helps customers reach their investment goals without any hassles.

The platform brings together financial experts to identify and put together well-researched and diversified baskets of stock to create folios. These folios are created, keeping in mind different risk appetites of different customers, with the objective of giving maximum returns in the most optimised way. There are 11 Smartfolios in the platform, namely Classic, Enhancer, Defensive, Growth, 24 K, Vision, Mojo Magic, Mojo Prime, Alpha, Mojo Ace, as well as a DIY Smartfolio where you can put together your own set of stocks.

You can choose the folio most suited to your investment goals, investment amount and horizon (long term to medium term). You also have the option of investing in multiple folios.

What’s in it for investors?

If you're looking to invest in the stock market but are not sure of what route to take, or if you don't have the time to research on this, this is the right platform for you. You just need to deposit your money with Smarfolios, pick the folio which makes the most sense to you and let the experts take care of the rest. Here are a few reasons why you should consider investing on the platform:

  • Geojit’s 33-year old presence in the investment space is an assurance of trust
  • Absolute compliance with Indian laws and regulations
  • No account opening charge, annual maintenance charge or hidden costs, except the brokerage cost (minimum 0.5% of transaction value)
  • Recommendations for rebalancing/restructuring some baskets, subject to client confirmation
  • Option to add money to the existing investments and also withdraw it at any time, no lock-in period
  • Efficient, time-saving and hassle-free process as no paperwork is involved
  • Professional guidance for unbiased transactions
"Smartfolios product is ideal for those clients who lack the time or may not be knowledgeable enough to identify individual stocks but at the same time, would like to invest in the stock markets. It is also suitable for those who would like to take informed decisions on their stock investments. We have baskets of stocks that match all kinds of investor profiles. We also allow investors to create their own portfolio for a disciplined investment approach like SIP in stocks," says Satish Menon, Executive Director, Geojit.

If building a strong financial portfolio is on top of your mind, Geojit will guide you in the right direction. Know more about how you can open a new Demat account through Smartfolios.


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